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New UnityHQ Servers **Updated Feb 14th 2006**


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Here at UnityHQ we are proud to provide public gameservers for all three nolf series games. Our way of helping out the fine community of nolfers.


However we realized having all the servers in North America wasn't fair to our European community friends.


On that note we are proud to announce the new UnityHQ.net Euro DD Nolf 2 Server. It is provided for our registered forum members to enjoy.


You can find out the Password for the server from here.




You will need to be a registered forum user to view that link.

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Added the Unityhq Euro Nolf 1 Server this morning. See the link in my first post for the PW

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We've also recently added Euro Co-Op Nolf 2


Euro Nolf 2 Deathmatch


Euro Nolf 1

Euro Contract Jack


Our way of making a place for all in the nolfing community to be able to play.


Be sure to post what maps you'd like to see running on the servers too

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The Euro servers are not passworded as of tonight.


We at unityhq hope you all enjoy the free access to the servers and hope that we won't hear of anything going bad in there.


They will remain that way if we have no reported incidents and we receive active feedback from server users (so encourage people to come here to post) that way we know how many are benefiting from them etc.



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How do I find the password for the Euro anticheat server?





It's passworded today for a match. After match time it will be unlocked ;)

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