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Subject: RE: Nolf 2 Walkthrough

From: "Tetsuji Gotanda" <*****@******.com>

Date: Tue, Jan 31, 2006 12:21 am

To: eliteone@unityhq.net




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Wow. You've probably long forgotten about this email by now, so perhaps I

should do a bit of a lead-in story to this.


I got a bit curious tonight to see how the NOLF community was doing, and if

anyone other than myself and the guy from Germany had written a walkthrough.

As usual, the Glue Factory showed complete indifference to me and my

posts, and the few emails I sent the admins there received no reply.


Then I checked the "new" VUG forums, and discovered they finally added a

rather generic "Sierra Classic" section. Which is where I found their "NOLF

forums," and surprisingly your posts. So I went back to my hotmail acct to

see if you had ever sent an email regarding my FAQ (see below), and checked

your website to see if it was still up and what you're doing.


I'm impressed, on both counts. You've done a great job tracking down and

interviewing some of the talent behind the NOLF series, and you've shown

remarkable maturity in respecting intellectual property. So consider this

my reply: by all means, I would be honored to be included in some manner on

your website.


On this note we have added Tetsuji's complete Nolf 2 walkthrough to the UnityHQ Nolf 2 Help file section located on the Main UnityHQ Website

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