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Found 2 results

  1. Version 1.01


    Since Gamespy is dropping support for NOLF1 at the end of May 2014 URA has come up with a great way for people to be able to host servers and connect to them using this tool. Multiplayer Launcher: NOLF2 based launcher that fetches a server list, query's each server and joins the selected one. Server Companion v0.1: A console application that starts NolfServ.exe and adds/maintains/removes your server's info to/from the server list. Note: Do not close Server_Companion directly, stop NolfServ.exe first and Server_Companion will terminate shortly after.
  2. I wanted to play NOLF again after several years, but now I have Windows 7, so...... I asked around, found out how to install manually, thereby avoiding the nasty issues with the game's installation program. But now, I have to patch the original game to GOTY edition like I did in the olden days, and patch 1.003 is not cooperating. I downloaded it, unzipped the files to the NOLFupdate folder, and tried to run SETUP.exe, getting an "application not compatible" error message. I ran it again in compatibility mode for Windows XP and Vista, getting the same results. Is there a way I can make this work? Perhaps by circumventing the setup program the way I had to when I installed the game itself? I would really, REALLY appreciate anyone's help.