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  1. Stormwatch

    Duty Report

    Monday 23rd March Onyx Hugo Stormwatch and Ted, who tried to join
  2. Stormwatch

    Duty Report

    We just play nolf 2 nearly every evening at 20:30 CET. So why dont you play nolf 2?
  3. Stormwatch

    Duty Report

    Thursday 19th March 4 Players tonight Ted Hugo Onyx Stormwatch
  4. Stormwatch

    Duty Report

    Wednesday 18th March 3 Players Hugo Ted Stormwatch
  5. Stormwatch


    Wow. Looks great. I really enjoy it. Great work.
  6. Stormwatch

    Duty Report

    Sunday 15th March, 20:30 CET 2 Players: Ted and Me, playing two maps
  7. Stormwatch

    Duty Report

    Hi Eliteone. Theese different timezones makes it not easy to become people on the server. We have been on the server at 8:30 pm CET (Central European Time). This must be in your time 12:30 pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). We mostly join in that time. 8:30 PM (20:30) CET (Central European Time) Berlin = 7:30 PM (19:30) GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) London = 3:30 PM (15:30) EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) New York = 12:30 PM (12:30) PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) Los Angeles Daylight Time begins in Berlin in 29th March. Then all changes for one hour. But then I can make a new list.And I hope this list here shows the right times.
  8. Stormwatch

    Duty Report

    Saturday 14th March 4 Players joined server: Ted Lodingi Brian Stormwatch
  9. Stormwatch

    Duty Report

    Friday 13th March Hugo Ted Stormwatch Who wants to play tonight?
  10. Stormwatch

    Duty Report

    Unbelievable! 5 Players joined server tonight.
  11. Stormwatch

    Duty Report

    Tonight four players on the server!!!! Hugo, Onyx, Ted and me. Was great gaming. It just remembered me a little bit of the old times. :happy1: Unfortunately I don`t know if I can play tomorrow.
  12. Stormwatch

    Duty Report

    Stayed in from 20:30 to 21:00 CET. Nobody else was there....
  13. Stormwatch

    Will anybody EVER play NOLF2 online again?

    Thank you very much. Now I can join in again.
  14. Stormwatch

    Will anybody EVER play NOLF2 online again?

    Now it`s 20:10 CET and I can`t join the DD-Server. . I only can join the Cooperative-Server. Dont know whats wrong. Anybody else with this problem?
  15. Stormwatch

    Will anybody EVER play NOLF2 online again?

    Oh, I am late...but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HUGO!!! . The last weeks I stayed on the server a several times, but no one was there. Where are all the people, who have played a half year ago? For example Rocky and Ted?