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  1. Nice! Then it should be worth modding the game again. I installed NOLF2 2 weeks ago. I forgot what a pain it was to install it and to get it to work. But sure is a great game. As long as new maps come out this game, it should remain alive. It is the same with Star Wars Battlefront 2, new maps come out and still remains alive today. I'm learning with the mapping tools. They build like MOHAA. I have somewhat experience in scripting maps. Did it for SWBF2 and Medal of honor. I'm hoping these scripts are similar lol. Though these modding tools, I dont remember working with them, they seem different. I can't remember what tools I was using back then. I have modeling skills, but I have the wrong version of Maya, I have 4.5. Upgraded from 3.5 7 years ago. As reading the docs, they used 4.0 I think. If your interested in modding, pm me so we can get something going.
  2. Is this game still alive? Any one modding out there? Anyone interested in modding?
  3. Modding NOFL2 I hope.

  4. Hello. Been years since i been here lol. Think i was here like 5 years ago or something like that. Good to see this site still up and running. I installed NOLF2 again. Thought I would peak around the files again and see what i can do. I'll be by every now and then for old time sakes.