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  1. OK I am a little late in discovering this, just read about it in Newsweek maganize and agree it is very cool!!! Even better than XM in getting stuff I like from artists I have never heard before. For some reason I seem to like music with "extensive vamping" Thanks for the tip - I hope others try as well You can even e:mail someone a link to radio station you create. They can do this stuff for free because you can't really select the songs you listen to.
  2. Malibu

    SCI-FI Friday Season Premere

    Time for a refresh on this thread. Next season for Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis starting on July 14 Not sure when Battlestar Galatica starting up again though. Certainly were left on cliffhangers last season for all 3
  3. Malibu

    United 93

    Saw movie today. It was done in a documentary style It definitely brought out strong emotions when watching it. :'( Everyone was very quiet as the theater let out at the end.
  4. Malibu

    Henry Rollins Show

    I have the same opinion. I think you know more about him than me I heard of Black Flag but didn't know he was part of that band and not sure I know any of their music. Only song I know of his for sure was "Liar" by Rollins Band.
  5. Curious if anyone has seen his show. I saw first episode because he had one of my favorite bands, Sleater-Kinney, who I never am going to see anywhere else. His rantings like the "Teeing Off" cover good topics and are also pretty amusing. All the show parts are available online.
  6. Malibu

    Silent Hill

    Yeah I didn't explain it very well RottenTomatoes critic average gives it only 29% so not for mainstream audiences by any stretch. My wife was not interested at all in seeing it. I think the fans of really gory horror movies (Saw, Hostel, etc.) won't find enough of it to satisfy them. However I liked the set-up of the film and the atmosphere developed was great. If the games developed that part more and gave a little more backstory on all the weird stuff going on that would make for a very entertaining/frightening experience
  7. Malibu

    Silent Hill

    I can't really recommend the movie - although I liked it - visually it was a very nightmarish movie. The first time the movie transitioned to...whatever was the best part. Makes me want to try out the video games. I had seen the director's last movie "The Brotherhood of the Wolf", and enjoyed that one in parts as well - it certainly defied categorization. Going back a few years further one other movie that suprised me in the direction it went was "The Hidden"
  8. Malibu

    Star Trek

    I saw this article today Too bad I can't spell fixed it for you -Eliteone
  9. Malibu


    A little off topic but I didn't know meaning of PEBCAK
  10. Malibu

    Locate yourself via Google Earth

    You got it right, Factor. Working on a new project now but eventually will involve that vehicle again
  11. Malibu

    Locate yourself via Google Earth

    I spend too much time at 42°30'47.16 N 83°01'52.5 W But that is certainly an old picture!
  12. Malibu

    Over 300 forum members

    My first thought when I saw message topic - but you beat me to it
  13. Malibu

    Match Point

    I know what you mean about the cruelness in Closer. You might like Match Point then. And it certainly doesn't have that excessively raw language.
  14. Malibu

    Match Point

    Not at all. It isn't a comedy. Did you ever see movie Closer?
  15. Malibu

    Match Point

    I saw Match Point with my wife this weekend. We both liked it a lot. I went into movie knowing nothing about what subject was other than it was latest Woody Allen film - I think that was a good move. This is one movie that reviews give way too much away on.