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  1. OK I am a little late in discovering this, just read about it in Newsweek maganize and agree it is very cool!!! Even better than XM in getting stuff I like from artists I have never heard before. For some reason I seem to like music with "extensive vamping" Thanks for the tip - I hope others try as well You can even e:mail someone a link to radio station you create. They can do this stuff for free because you can't really select the songs you listen to.
  2. Time for a refresh on this thread. Next season for Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis starting on July 14 Not sure when Battlestar Galatica starting up again though. Certainly were left on cliffhangers last season for all 3
  3. Saw movie today. It was done in a documentary style It definitely brought out strong emotions when watching it. :'( Everyone was very quiet as the theater let out at the end.
  4. I have the same opinion. I think you know more about him than me I heard of Black Flag but didn't know he was part of that band and not sure I know any of their music. Only song I know of his for sure was "Liar" by Rollins Band.
  5. Curious if anyone has seen his show. I saw first episode because he had one of my favorite bands, Sleater-Kinney, who I never am going to see anywhere else. His rantings like the "Teeing Off" cover good topics and are also pretty amusing. All the show parts are available online.
  6. Yeah I didn't explain it very well RottenTomatoes critic average gives it only 29% so not for mainstream audiences by any stretch. My wife was not interested at all in seeing it. I think the fans of really gory horror movies (Saw, Hostel, etc.) won't find enough of it to satisfy them. However I liked the set-up of the film and the atmosphere developed was great. If the games developed that part more and gave a little more backstory on all the weird stuff going on that would make for a very entertaining/frightening experience
  7. I can't really recommend the movie - although I liked it - visually it was a very nightmarish movie. The first time the movie transitioned to...whatever was the best part. Makes me want to try out the video games. I had seen the director's last movie "The Brotherhood of the Wolf", and enjoyed that one in parts as well - it certainly defied categorization. Going back a few years further one other movie that suprised me in the direction it went was "The Hidden"
  8. I saw this article today Too bad I can't spell fixed it for you -Eliteone
  9. I know what you mean about the cruelness in Closer. You might like Match Point then. And it certainly doesn't have that excessively raw language.
  10. Not at all. It isn't a comedy. Did you ever see movie Closer?
  11. I saw Match Point with my wife this weekend. We both liked it a lot. I went into movie knowing nothing about what subject was other than it was latest Woody Allen film - I think that was a good move. This is one movie that reviews give way too much away on.
  12. Thanks for the find E1 I like the laugh. Although I think she is having way too much fun at work
  13. Well after reading seven novels over what...20 years? since I first read The Gunslinger I guess I didn't know what to expect. I am sure you read the final ending, right?
  14. Music: Sleeter-Kinney, "The Woods" - this one wants to be played LOUD Movies: Sin City - guilty pleasure Crash - for a more serious flick Books: I was going to say last 2 from Stephen King Dark Tower Series but that was 2004 So I will go with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, J. K. Rowling The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova Games: Half-Life 2 Television: I watch way too much but favorites from 2005 were Veronica Mars - best theme song too, Dandy Warhols "We Used to be Friends" 24 - (now that I saw season premiere for new season - I had forgotten about old Jack Bauer)