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  1. I came across this article on social media this evening: You'll see that the trademarks were filed just a few days ago and that "Night Dive Studios" republishes old titles. Is this the end of the NOLF rights mystery and the start of a new chapter? I certainly hope so! What are your thoughts? Unfortunately, still no official word from the company itself but the statement given seemed to "hint" that they are pushing forward with republishing these titles. Also, no word on any internet gameplay. I would hope they would reinstitute some kind of native online play but I've often witnessed these republications (i.e. Good Old Games) do not include online play. Regardless, there may be a lot of new NOLFers in the near future!
  2. criminalcola


    Hello NOLFers, It was recently announced that Gamespy services will cease completely. As we already knew, from late 2012, Gamespy services for games that required Gamespy to authenticate CD Keys (Contract JACK, SWAT4, etc.) were no longer unavailable. However, announced this month (, Gamespy will discontinue ALL services. This will impact NOLF1 as NOLF 1's master server listing is "Powered By Gamespy". Even though NOLF 1 does not use any kind of authentication process to join online games, the service to provide the multiplayer server list will no longer be available. I'm sure this will also have impacts on 3rd party sites that utilize Gamespy to generate server lists (Xfire, etc.) Therefore, the only way to join these servers will be through the independent development of a master server listing as has been developed with NOLF 2, the distribution of IP addresses for a direct IP connection, or using a service such as LogMeIn's Hamachi to connect with friends over the Internet in a LAN interface. **Edited to add: The end date for Gamespy services is May 31, 2014**
  3. I tried emailing Sierra like a month ago about this issue. The first time they did their most favorite saying "We haven't recieved any reports from other people about this". And then I emailed them back, and got no reply.
  4. Yeah, but the server would start, you could change maps, ect. and it was running normally, but no one could get the server to respond until I changed the port and clientport.
  5. Wow I have made a 13 day record on a NOLF1 server But then I had to restart it because another server messed up the whole box :'(
  6. Ok, well the problem is fixed, im just wondering why it happened I always have to keep restarting my single player map coop server, but this time, it was acually still running when I woke up, which is a surprise, it usually crashes in the night. Anyway, I went into NOLF2, and clicked on the server, I got a Server Not Responding error. Then, King tried it too, he got the same error. Then I tried to restart the server itself, it restarted ok. I went to try joining the server again, and I still got the message. Finally then I just changed the port and clientport values in the server config, and it worked. What could have caused this? It was going for several weeks without this. All my other servers ran ok, and Im sure I didnt have 2 servers using the same port, I havent made any new changes to any the configs, or started any new servers. Maybe a master server issue or something
  7. On our DM servers, we have made the score limit 30, with frags giving you one point. Also, our coop servers-the single player ones have starting weapons, so no more worring about the mimes in UnityHQ level! And if you have any different ways you like the servers, you can send the requests to And Natter, we arent playin around with the settings anymore, it was just the first week or so of our servers, we wanted to see how it was all gonna work out and be best for the settins
  8. I think he means if you add a mod to the Custom folder (e.g Custom\Mods\ModX1\ModX1.rez) and the custom button doesnt show up, then how do you add it via editing files
  9. *knocks tables over to make noise* And I do think that it is fixed now I have been able to get on in the past few hours without any messages at all. Just in time for the weekend!
  10. Ok, I want to host more than 4 players on a cooperative server. When we do that the difficulty goessss wayyy up when more people join. The difficulty is set to Easy, player difficulty factor is at 0 too....I think theres a command to make it easier. Anyone help me out? Thanks.
  11. Well...if you continue and continue tring to get finally does...a friend of mine does that because she doesnt download Gamespy..but I fianlly sent her BAT files for the server because it began takin 15 mins Anyways I just stick to gamespy, or nolf1 or cjack
  12. Hey guys. I was able to get on the game just now...looks like this wasn't a big issue
  13. Might be a hard disk problem. I had two hard drives in one of my coms awhile back. The computer took forever to boot up. The hard drive wasnt the primary disk luckily but I kept all my games/applications on it and I tried to delete a directory and got a file couldnt be read. Well thats just a thing that happened to me, might not be your case.
  14. Ya, my thread is still unaswered on TGF and I posted like 3 or 4 days ago Unity was always my fav over TGF