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  1. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone! :-)
  2. Curver

    New to UnityHQ? Say hello here!

    Hello Qurionais. Welcome
  3. Curver

    10 years of avoidence

    Osama has been living in norway for many years now. Im happy that he finaly got killed. Norway havent been able to kick him back to his own country beacuse off that if it is a chance of he getting killed or hurt there, we cant send him back.... But i dont think this will end the Al-Qaeda organisation
  4. Curver

    It's working!

    Hei! Endelig går det ann å skrive norsk her også Well you got your time so see you inside.
  5. Curver


    After what i see, you write that you get through BIOS and POST? Then your computer begins to load Windows and suddently it gets black? If you dont know what BIOS POST is, read here. Have you tried to start your computer in safe mode? How to get into safe mode
  6. Curver

    I've finally immigrated to UnityHQ

    We need more people to Nolf! Welcome
  7. Curver

    Figured I'd drop in...

    Hello CL Well i just run straight out in the fun and kill every one I see but sometimes when I have the patience to go around every corner then I do it
  8. Curver

    Nolf2 Download

    Hello Sly I know about a torrent, but I don't know if anyone seeds it, and I don't think that I'm allowed to post it here...
  9. Curver

    How to lower your ping

    Well I started the game before i did anything. My ping was then 144. When i was finished it was 144 still... So not that good for me But I can have done something wrong, I will check it tomorow. Going to bed now.
  10. Curver

    How to lower your ping

    I got windows XP, do you think it works here too? Would be fun to try out! Well i decided to do this, so i can tell later if it works on XP.
  11. Curver

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Oh i forgot to take a look if anyone had birhtday, sorry.. But happy birthday to everybody
  12. Curver

    Monolith is going to make a new game!

    Well we need to cross both our fingers and toes! Hope they will do it, but I suppose not... Maybe we shall cross our arms and legs too?
  13. Curver


    Hello sander, nice to see you again
  14. Curver

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Sorry for beeing late moonie but happy birthday! MOONIE!
  15. Curver

    A Match comes up

    I'm in! Will be good to bring back old memories again!