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  1. Rocky


    Hi! See there
  2. Rocky

    It's working!

    I play Finnish time 21.00 -22.00. Your country 20.00-21.00 is nolf time. Server feed dont work.
  3. Is there a password for the test server? I was host server, it use livesforever plus find it here Uras Modpage If you try join and have livesforever mod you get message "you are kicked or banned". Some reason i cant host livesforver server dont know why. and there is secrets.
  4. Woah Wurlitzerrr! When i choose upper music, i can choose other on down line and then is two song together, that would be laggy...
  5. You have mappack 1 and 2 ? and you have Unity HQ Map Pack 3.0(included new maps)?
  6. Banana dance on rock
  7. On game choose options - controls - mouse and set mouse sensitivy to minimum.
  8. Hi "I managed to the point where you must recover information from the M-9 machine, but when I attempt to use it it does not prompt me for what action I want to perform (use code/type random letters), instead the text goes gray and I'm left completely stuck. I've tried loading earlier saves but no avail." If you want pass this, dont use livesforever mod. no mod or other mod help this problem. "forcing my way through dozens of crashes." Run prime 95 atleast 3 hour , i have earlier same problem, game crash when loading and when join to server. Now have 3 hour prime 95 blend stable machine and nolf2 crashes very rare. solution is my case to increase memory voltages 0.1 V
  9. Hello Hanzu There is 15 singleplayer missions and 5 cooperative mission. You need mods to get more to play. Hope you came to play multiplayer doomsday. 20.30-22.00 meidän aikaa.
  10. Hey Hugo DD server with the IP is only server active. Old one is gone. Rocky
  11. Hi Justitia Blue You was deathmatch player.
  12. Doomsday server "NOLF2 Community" is active. And it use livesforever mod. I use xp and i have custom/resources path 6 rez files, if have more cant go to server.
  13. Rocky


    Try beta2 and it works