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  1. I am sad to read this. You do a great job here, really. You sound frustrated . I donated just once . May i ask what your total cost for one year is? After several years of fun on nolf2 and CJ we played new games like Rage and GTA5, always wondering why the nolf series ended after nolf2. The game is so lovely and highly creative. Thank you for your link and have a wonderfull weekend and merry Christmas Eliteone ! Birger
  2. no we downloaded here. Does not work even with the unsigned version.
  3. Hi. Today we tried to install CJ again, having this game in our hearts after mapping thousands of hours and having fun and frustration on dedit. After klicking on the cj exe we can choose install or custom, but we cant join the game. Are there any servers? How to install on win10 ??
  4. CJ Mappack View File All maps CJ until September 2012! Self-installer. Submitter JUSTiTiA BluE Submitted 09/22/2012 Category Maps
  5. Ok, thanks. I will try out milkshape, blender and maya. Will take some time loool. Blender is good because it is free and many youtube videos. When trying to import a terrain (as a world obj file) dedit crashes. 3ds max yeah.... I dont have it.
  6. Ahh yeah, an elevator: is it just a sliding door? In my CJ map 8 I had the problem that people fall through the elevator floor/ground.
  7. Hi, a few questions. I tried to import a landscape via blender as a .obj file to dedit, but it did not work. Has anyone used it and knows how it works? Or do i have to use maya,3dsmax, milkshape etc? Very cheap programs and i am no student... The second question is how i create a background as a surrounding pic in a map (f.e. a landscape, buildings, hills). My aim is to get a perfection in my maps that´s on Sgt Peppers level (long way lol).
  8. all self made. No ideas copied. Just Dedit - but that´s not perfect of course lol.
  9. I gave up. Waiting for your loader then . I will join with my station pc next time. Is it possible that my router blocks an self hosted nolf2 server but the cj server works well? Is there a difference between the games that has effect on the router? To the grafics again: i deactivated the intel grafics on windows 7. The result was no driver for both grafic cards. In the bios i saw i can run my pc with integrated grafics or switchable (intel and radeon). No possibilty to choose just radeon. I guess this problem should be rather posted in a acer forum. So thanks again for your help ura. Peel
  10. JUSTiTiA BluE


    hi, was nice to play nolf 2 again after many cj years. But i was really baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Lol.