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  1. I guess the silense means no reply was received from Monolith?
  2. And, folks? Any response from monolith yet?
  3. So... what's the situation folks? It's halfway June. Has anything been sent yet?
  4. It's now also in the Sierra Chest newsletter, issue 2, released a week ago. Here's hoping the petition can cross the 5,000 mark.
  5. You're welcome. Changed the subtitle under the banner a tad. Wasn't sure if Contract J.A.C.K. was counted as number 3 or not.
  6. At your service . Will make an announcement in the next monthly Sierra Chest Newsletter aswell.
  7. One simple question: Then why don't you guys continue it here? This IS the largest NOLF community afterall, and you're part of an even bigger Sierra community whom you can share the message with aswell. Just my 2 cents. Continue it here and share it with the other Sierra Gateway boards, you could quadrupple the votes.
  8. They were taken down last night. Friday the 13th, i'm gonna get supersticious here...
  9. Hi Belladonna, EliteOne, NOLF fans, We all expected it, and now it's a done deal. Two days ago, the admin of the official Sierra forums informed us that this is the last week that the official Sierra forums will be up. As of next week (or sooner, depending on how things go), the new Activision-Blizzard forums will take over. Member accounts will be transfered, but the posts will not. Also, only a handful of Sierra forums will keep their spot in the new ATVI forums. While we know that Crash, Spyro, Ice Age 3 and Prototype are among the forums that remain, it is highly doubtful that NOLF will. F.E.A.R. may have a chance but, personally i doubt it, since Monolith bought the rights back and has their own F.E.A.R. forums to which most fans probably moved, especially with the Project Origin release. This is both good and bad news. On one hand it's sad to see the end of an era which lasted well over a decade, on the other the community is fully prepared and moving over to the fanbased Sierra Gateway in which UnityHQ represents the NOLF series. With the official NOLF forums removed, UnityHQ will now have total exclusivity on the NOLF forum. Thought i'd let you guys know Rudy