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    I like to modding, to create maps, 3D models, and C++ Programming.And working with Images.And ofcourse i like, to play online NOLF2, and CJ.

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  1. Soon,in the November, will be started Dos Day SKT Clan Server. It slould include default NOLF2 maps, and some Custom Maps.See you there soon
  2. If you play Contract JACK, maybe you sometimes has seen that player: "TORNADO",or "FarCry", or "Patriot", and some times "TP555 gay".He verry evil, using viruses, troyans, worms, to destroy players, wich he hate.Also he cheating.And don't let you, to enjoy the game.He have not NOLF2 yet.But soon, he willbe show himself in NOLF2. I doing all, to stop him! I hope, you never meet him . Have a nice game
  3. Maybe you know that game: Counter Strike? Maybe you know that map: fy_iceworld? So, I rebuilded that map for NOLF2! That file including DM and DD versions of map! Link: Enjoy the game ;P
  4. I created my super-cool map! This map has: -Over 5 secrets! -Riding Platform -Sniper Tower -Music Box -Bombable Safe -Secret room -Map controll center room This map include DM and DD version of Map. Download link: Mirror: Please, when you try this map, please, comment it here
  5. I created model in 3ds 5, and exported it in LTC model format.When i importing this model in ModelEdit (to convert to LTB), ModelEdit was automaticly closed(lagg).Need help, how to work in 3ds with Lith Tech models.
  6. Now you can download new not official update for NOLF2: 1.3.1 .This update has been maked by me (Scorpio).This is NOT 1.4 PATCH!!! But you must install it Manually, sry guys, that i not compilet it, to installer, i haven't time, for that. You can Download it here: Link: Changes List: - Now ammo damege value is bigger! - In 32. Mc.Callister not 9 ammo amount, there are 10! - Added to Mascara Stun Gun new ammo: Hight Powered Taser.It can kill a human. - Also added phos ammo, to Mc.Callister;Sterling;TommyGun;Sniper Rifle.And Poison added to Sterling;AK-47;TommyGun;Sniper Rifle. - Now FX are more Realistic. - Adden New Characters to MultiPlayer: Jack, DD-Agent, SpaceSuitGuy, Ill Pazzo, Volkov -And skills: Armor, Aiming and Weapons are better -In multiplayer more default Armor -And more