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  1. Lexi


    Well, that's nice to hear! I hope I'll find here some great time to spend.
  2. Lexi

    NOLF 1 soundtrack repost?

    That's brilliant! Many thanks!
  3. Lexi

    Cutscene savegames

    Of course, what did you think? Nah, I just wanted to see some places and characters.
  4. Lexi

    Cutscene savegames

    Is there something like that? So I'm able to walk in cutscenes? Thanks!
  5. Lexi


    Thanks guys! Nice to meet you all!
  6. Lexi


    Yes, I loved them all, even Contract J.A.C.K. And this site? Found accidentally.
  7. Lexi

    NOLF 1 soundtrack repost?

    I've found the topic with soundtracks for all three NOLF games. Unfortunately, NOLF 1 soundtrack is no longer available. Would anyone be so kind and repost it, please? Thanks in advance!
  8. Lexi


    Hello all! My name is Alexandra but you can call me Lexi or Alex. I was looking for some interesting stuff on the internet and found this site. I liked it so decided to register. What could I say about myself? Well, I like books, PC games, walks, skiing, hiking and sometimes swimming. I'm 18 years old and study high school. My homeland is Czech Republic (there is no flag of it...). PS: Are these forums for free or I'm supposed to pay for using it?