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  1. k i dont know what i did but now it works!!! thanks for all the help guys!!
  2. im not trying to actually lan to my other computer, im just wondering if hamachi would make it seem like we are playing on lan, because the LAN option on NOLF2 works for me.
  3. what you mean by ping to my lan? and i did do a port exception
  4. the only firewalls i have as i know about is my router one and the generic one that comes with windows, and i just disabled that one and it still shows up =[. thanks for the help though edit: i just went on nolf1 and it let me join a server, i dont know if that helps or not
  5. does hamachi work if i select LAN instead of internet? because it lets me make a game in lan. and i forwarded port 27888 on my router firewall and my windows firewall so i dont think it might be a problem. thanks for the quick responses tho guys.
  6. it says v1.3 retail in the bottom right of my screen
  7. I know theres another topic just below mine adressing this, but i need some more elaborate explaination. When i go into co-op from the internet menu, i get this: Error Retrieving latest version information ( WS ServerReq Noserversspecified ) nothing happens when i go to lan triggerhappy in the other topic said it has to do with the internet connection or the master server, and obviously right now my internet works but i dont know what the master server is. i also have a question, if i use the program hamachi (www.hamachi.cc), would i be able to connect to my friend over lan? he doesnt live in my house. thanks for any suggestions, im really looking forward to playing this with my friend!