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  1. Malkavian gruF

    Whats Up With Your Names?

    well, first time through I was Ventrue, then I wanted to try Malkavian. You have an arguement with a stop sign! you're walking along the road, you come to a stop sign and the chat box comes up... "No, you stop" "STOP IT!" it was the single most immersive moment in an rpg I have ever come across. that and the malkavian "insight" actually gives some cool revelations later in the game ...and that's enough of me being off topic lol
  2. Malkavian gruF

    Whats Up With Your Names?

    congratulations, you are made of win! that is awesome! vampire is awesome, I picked up some books of the LARP after playing the game, they need to make a third one!
  3. Malkavian gruF

    Whats Up With Your Names?

    well, my name real name is Fergus, at high school we did the whole names backwards thing, Gruf is ferg backwards (well kinda, gref sounds silly). I used to be Gruf S'jet, since I was addicted to homeworld, but then homeworld 2 beat me (rather than the other way around) so that took the shine off that name, so since falling in love with vampire the masquerade and the insane vampire clan of the malkavians I got this name. there. simple
  4. Malkavian gruF

    Official 'Hi there!' Topic!

    Thanks Belladonna, that's some speedy service *hugs* with a greeting like that I suppose I have to stick around suppose the next step will be to reinstall NOLF
  5. Malkavian gruF

    Official 'Hi there!' Topic!

    hey, I joined here ages ago but was never really active, but I just got 5 reminder messages from here that my account was inactive so thought I better check it out I don't know if anyone here remembers me, I used to be active on the glue factory under the username Gruf (paladin was a mistake, could some kind admin please change it to Malkavian gruF? pretty please?) anyway, its cool to see this place is active, I should be around a bit
  6. Malkavian gruF

    Summer Movies

    going to see Mr and Mrs Smith next week with my girlfriend, then war of the worlds when it comes out, and I have quite a few friends interested in the lion the witch and the wardrobe so I might organise a group trip, but noone I know wants to see batman, and it looks soooo great!
  7. Malkavian gruF

    Summer Movies

    noones mentioned the best of the bunch; the lion the witch and the wardrobe! that movie is going to be amazing, I can't wait (and mr & mrs smith, sin city, batman... but war of the worlds looks criminal (I'm a fan of the book, I saw the trailer, and it has NOTHING in common with the book, even less than I, robot had with it's source. I might go and see it, but I will be disapointed)
  8. soooo good, I loved every moment of it. the acting was better, the action was amazing (that first scene in space, I was like wow that's cool..... WOW that's cool... sweet living elvis this is awesome!) 2 problems, firstly, some idiot let off the fire alarms halfway through the screening, so we had to evacuate, secondly (mild spoiler alert), jar jar survives. couldn't anikin have killed him just for completeness?
  9. Malkavian gruF

    Official 'Hi there!' Topic!

    thanks, good to be here
  10. Malkavian gruF

    Official 'Hi there!' Topic!

    Hi, I'm paladin... I've been a NOLFer since NOLF1 launch... don't really play MP much, so I don't belong to any clan at present... glad to be here...