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  1. Can't we like try to fund the game from Kickstarter or something? Maybe that will help? There are still fans out there that want the game.
  2. So there is nothing we can do? What a huge waste, there are no games like NOLF nowadays.
  3. Come on everyone, this is one of the best games ever made, nothing even comes close, how about a petition?
  4. As everyone said here, I don't hate Contract J.A.C.K., but I'm not a fan either, NOLF 1 & 2 had some fun parts the story, the scenes between mission, the intelligence items, the jokes, etc. The challenge in killing 500 people at the same time doesn't make it any special, but exact the opposite it's the same as all the other FPS games out there. I played a lot of FPS games, but NOLF is still my favorite game of all time.
  5. Rami

    another voting thread

    I second that
  6. Rami

    Hi there NOLF Fans

    Thanks FzyBunnySliprs
  7. Rami


    Me too I want A NOLF 3 so bad, I've played a lot of FPS, but NOLF is the best out of them, it's even a lot better than FEAR. I still hope there will be one.
  8. Rami

    Hi there NOLF Fans

    Thanks for the warm welcome Will sure try to, thanks for letting me know.
  9. Rami


    TBH I would've preferred a NOLF 3 than Contract Jack, I just don't get why they didn't release one. Look at Hitman & how many games they released for that series, NOLF is so good, & deserves to go on & on But I have to say NOLF 1 is way better than NOLF 2, but both are just perfect games.
  10. Rami

    Hi there NOLF Fans

    Hi all, I'm Rami, a huge NOLF Fan, played all the game series a lot of times & still do, what an amazing game Pleased to be part of the forum