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  1. {IF} Crusader

    Hosts of NOLF series servers

    Thanks for the information, Eliteone!
  2. {IF} Crusader

    Steam In-Home Streaming for Nolf2 (Nolf1 & CJ)

    Thanks to you two. I have tried updating the drivers, with no success. Eliteone, have you already tried it?
  3. Dear UnityHQ members, I have posted this problem on the Steam forums aswell, but I wanted to share my questions with you here too: I recently tried to stream the game 'No One Lies Forever 2', but this won't work. In case I add the game to Steam as a non-Steam game and press 'Stream' on my guest computer, the host starts the game's launcher. I can see the launcher and I can hear the music playing. I cannot press any any buttons, but I can see the mouse moving on the guest's screen. When I try to launch the game on my host and connect with my guest afterwards, I get a black screen, also hearing the ingame music and also seeing the game's special mouse cursor. All this for about 1-2 seconds, then the connection closes without any errors. Does anybody know what I can do now? I have tried out multiple resolutions and grafic settings, with no positive result. Furthermore, it is not possible to launch the game windowed. I also found out something very interesting. No One Lives Forever 1 and Contract J.A.C.K. (part 3 of the series) DO NOT work aswell. They show exactly the same behaviour. Any help is appreciated! if somebody experiences the same problem, please share your solutions.
  4. {IF} Crusader

    nolf2 Coop server stuck.

    Ah, that's the reason why. Thanks Eliteone. Going to take at look at this.
  5. {IF} Crusader

    nolf2 Coop server stuck.

    I have just restarted it. Seems to get stuck at the end all the time.
  6. {IF} Crusader

    Introducing Nolf2 servers [nolfseries.com]

    I see some guys playing Coop from time to time (in the server logs), but most of nolfseries.com servers are empty due to the lack of playing people. I hope you'll find some dudes to play with!
  7. {IF} Crusader

    Introducing Nolf2 servers [nolfseries.com]

    I can assure you, that these servers use a dedicated IP address, so this seems to be another problem, which Eliteone already stated.
  8. {IF} Crusader

    Introducing Nolf2 servers [nolfseries.com]

    Dear UnityHQ and Nolf fans, I would like introduce two new servers for Nolf2, running 24/7, hosted and administrated by nolfseries.com Feel free to add any requests below (maps,...)! Happy fragging! ---------------------------------------------------- nolfseries.com [DM] Location: Europe, Austria (Linz) Platform: Windows Server 2012 (R2) Online: 24/7 IP: Port: 27888 Version: v1.3 Mod: LivesForever Mode: Deathmatch Max. Player: 16 Timelimit: 15 minutes Rounds: 1 Run speed: 130 Maplist: available soon! ---------------------------------------------------- nolfseries.com [DD] Location: Europe, Austria (Linz) Platform: Windows Server 2012 (R2) Online: 24/7 IP: Port: 28888 Version: v1.3 Mod: LivesForever Mode: Doomsday Max. Player: 16 Timelimit: 20 minutes Rounds: 1 Run speed: 140 Friendly fire: False Maplist: available soon! ---------------------------------------------------- nolfseries.com [Coop] Location: Europe, Austria (Linz) Platform: Windows Server 2012 (R2) Online: 24/7 IP: Port: 29888 Version: v1.3 Mod: LivesForever Mode: Cooperative Max. Player: 4 Friendly fire: False Difficulty: Normal Skills: True Maplist: available soon! ---------------------------------------------------- Thanks to UnityHQ for hosting the masterserver and for keeping this game alive!
  9. {IF} Crusader

    Just a quick 'Hello'

    Hey guys, It's me, [iF] Crusader (from [iF] Clan of course). What's up with you guys? Just read the Unity HQ's post on Facebook. Feeling a bit guilty about not playing Nolf with you guys, but university keeps me busy. But I keep thinking of the wonderful matches we had back in the days, when Nolf/CJ had an active gaming community. Thanks to all, who still keep this game and the servers up. Unfortunately, I had to quit hosting my Nolf2/CJ Servers (the [iF] Clan ones), because I wasn't able to get them running on Windows 8.1 anymore. Our website is down aswell, since I planed to redesign it, which needs a lot of time aswell, if I had it. Thanks once again! Alex, [iF] Crusader
  10. {IF} Crusader

    Looking for Nolf1 and Nolf2 logo as *.png file!

    Oh, okay thanks! (: Cutting the letters out, I had that idead before, but yeah, that's not the prettiest way! I'll try that fan site kit, thanks akula65 (I still got the DVD by the way) and Eliteone!
  11. Hey folks, I am in need of two picture (.png) files of "The Operative: No One Lives Forever" and "No One Lives Forever 2" with transparent background, so that I can use it for further work (need them for a youtube thumbnail). The important thing is, first the background (as I said it should be transparent), second thing is that I only need the logo, nothing else and the size should be large enough to work with it, like 1000x500 or something around this size. I count on your help and a very, very, very big thanks in advance!
  12. {IF} Crusader


    I hope I'll be ale to join this week...
  13. {IF} Crusader

    Time to shake things up.............

    - Leaving Los Alamos - Cable Car Station
  14. {IF} Crusader

    NOLF Graphics And Patching Problem?

    As he/she got an Intel® Core™ i3-2350M, I supposed there have to be two cards, as they don't produce note- (or netbooks) with Core i3 and Intel grafic chips only. Single Intel chips often come with netbooks or Apple Airs.
  15. {IF} Crusader

    NEW DD MAP?...Any suggestions?

    A "high" building with a few different floors! (: