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  1. x) Hudsucker Proxy, naturally x) I really loved that movie. Our English teacher showed it to us. Gotta love Mussberger, he's a real 'donkey'. Oh, and the fight song from Muncie, IO, also a classic to remember x) I'm not quite sure the film itself would be something advisable for "kids", per se, to watch. Labyrinth is also a good one Sorta creepy, but good.
  2. NOLF1 rocked when we first saw it, right? So NOLF2 just improved it so much. Like said before, they were front runners in graphics at the time they were made and still have great appeal today.
  3. Alright, thanks for the heads up!
  4. Thanks P!NX, I managed to get past. When I went down on that carpet, it freaked me out, until I realized it was alright. Two shockers in row... my heart won't take that a second time. I'll be ticking off like the Countess in NOLF1. BTW: are lots of people in this forum German?
  5. Hey fellow Cates (; I'm new to the forums, but I have my first problem already. I'm stuck at Chapter 8, the part with the trap. I've looked at walkthroughs, but they don't actually explain properly how to overcome the thorns coming down. Cate just isn't fast enough! I have noticed that there are red lights and one green light - I think that is what the intel item is referring to. However, I can't figure out for Cate's life how they help me - they don't change color at any point... Thanks y'all! ~ Carmen