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  1. I don't come here much anymore but when I found this I had to post it. That is why [sT] is still on my name, lol. Anyways, there is still hope of a NOLF 3! Today, I went looking to see if NOLF3.com coud be bought. However, of course, it was sold. I did some more looking around and I found it was bought by fox! So, I think if they weren't making the game, why keep paying the fee for the domain. Anyways, here is what I found: Registrant: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (DOM-365985) 10201 W. Pico Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90035 US Domain Name: nolf3.com Registrar Name: Markmonitor.com Registrar Whois: whois.markmonitor.com Registrar Homepage: http://www.markmonitor.com Administrative Contact: Fox Webmaster (NIC-14208203) Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation Intellectual Property Department P.O. Box 900 Beverly Hills CA 90213 US wmf@fox.com +1.3103691000 Fax- - Technical Contact, Zone Contact: Network Data Communications (NIC-14264490) Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation P.O. Box 900 Beverly Hills CA 90213 US dns.support@fox.com +1.3103691000 Fax- - Created on..............: 2002-Oct-01. Expires on..............: 2006-Oct-01. Record last updated on..: 2005-Sep-27 16:22:16. I also like seeing the Record last update not being so long ago! This could really mean something. I know it was bought way back in 2002 when NOLF 2 came out but why would they buy it for 4 years or why would they buy it at all if they didn't already have something planned. And on one last note (this has nothing to do with the domain), at the very end of the game...after the credits roll, they have some more cutscenes. One talks about Cate not being good and the other one I remember is the Diractor saying "The world has not seen the last of H.A.R.M.!" They just need to finish off the seires. I want to know what HARM stands for!!!
  2. Well, I did it However, in my deivce manager thing, it has a ! under other devices for these 3 things: 1. Ethernet Controller 2. RAID Controller 3. USB Controller Do I need these things? I turned on the raid one and then I started installing NOLF 2 and when it said switch disk, it shut down my system and lost my OS! Lucky, I knew what to do because I had just did the install of windows. Now, I don't really want to turn it on because I keep hearing about this problem. What should I do with those things? Do I need them?
  3. been there, tryed that. over 2 months ago I sent it and it just freeze's up
  4. How hard is it though? I mean, I am not the best at computers but I can go though set-up pages if I know what I am doing. Really, all I want to do is clear the 3 hard drives (which the 2nd one has windows stuff on it and other stuff which can cause for slow running of the OS) and re-install windows XP. Then, I have to install the motherboard, video and sound cards right? I really would just like my computer to be back to fresh again with a fresh everything. I really don't have many files on this PC except for game files which I have no need to back them up because I can just re-install them into drives other than the one windows is on. Has anybody done it that could walk me though it step by step here and then I can just print it and use it to get it done. I have no problem getting the video card driver install file and I still have to go get my P4C800-E Asus Deluxe file. Then, I have a FastTrak 378 so what do I do there. I read somewere during the re-installing steps there will be a blue page that should detect that I have SCIS and RAID controller...it that true? Please just walk me though it. And, what problems could come about if it is done wrong?
  5. ok, but what if I do want to wipe out the drive? My computer has just been running slow due to to much junk on it. Is it much more harder to wipe the drive than it is to do the other way? EDIT: I have 3 hard drives btw. To many games
  6. Hi all, Lately, I have been having a few PC problems. Whenever I boot my system I get these 2 Generic Host Process's for Win 32 has a problem and needs to quit. When I hit send or don't send, it freeze's my computer causing me to restart it and then not hit the button the next time. Also, a few days ago, I noticed in My Computer that my DVD-ROM Drive went missing from My Computer. I went to the Device Manager and it had been disbaled. I wanted to enable it so I click on Enable and a box came up asking if I really wanted to. I said yes and then it said that it could not be Enabled. Then, today, I noticed that when I went to shut down my computer, I get the messaging saying Explorer.exe and then it has the bar of when it will end. I just hit end now but it took everything away and just left my computer at is desktop with no icons or taskbar forcing me to pull the plug everytime. Are these issues I could fix with a fresh install of Windows? If so, my computer is custom made by my dad (who is out of town for a few weeks) and I need to know what to do to do a clean install of it. I know that I need to backup my files I want and that I need to get the drivers for my Motherboard, Video, and sound cards. Is there anything else I need? Also, when I start my computer I get this message "FastTrak 378 BIOS version" and I have that WinXP Promise FastTrak 376/378 controller under SCIS and RAID Controllers. What do I have to do with this? Can somebody please give me like step by step message on what to do? I am new at this and don't want to have any problems!
  7. Is there a way you could add this but use NOLF 2 instead? I am making a map and would love to add the jet pack to it! Is there a way?
  8. Ok, I don't know if this should do here or DEdit but I am posting here so there (you can move it if you want ) Well, once again I have started on a new map that I plan on finsihing this time but I am going to take my time with it so I can get it really good with tacits and stuff. Like I am going to make it so there are many ways to get your base with lots of very well placed cover. I am trying my best to put as much into this map as I can but keep it running good. I will have pictures soon but I have a question: I have a sliding switch and a sliding door. I have the door so you can't just hit open on it. How, do I make it so when I hit my switch, it opens the door and then closes it after about 10 sec. And THEN, when somebody gets close to the door from the inside, it opens by itself? I want to make this a hidden room but I want to make it as hidden as possable. Is there any other ways you can think of besides what I just said to make it hidden. I know I want the switch and stuff but how should I have it open again once the player is in it? Any ideas or help on my idea would be great!
  9. Ok thanks for the idea Bella! I will get working on sending them e-mails soon. Thanks Shot for contact me about the maps! Edit: I just found out this there is no link to my site! Sorry about that guys....here it is. Game Xtreme
  10. YES! I want to try and get about 2-3 maps for NOLF 1 and 2-3 maps for NOLF 2. I would like as many as I can get so I have more pages so the site looks better. Thanks for helping!
  11. Ok guys, I still need help! After posting this I have not got any e-mails from anybody. I need to make this site big for my class project (I do a home school type of thing were I work all year round and I do it at my own speed alone so I can get though High School faster). I updated the site today and I had to delay everything because I am waiting on maps from people before I work on it more. Like I said on the site, I am making maps for my site but I can't do it alone. Also, this site will not stay! After I done with it I am going to remove everything and just place a link to this site because it is just like the site I am making. I don't want to take away anybody from this site just to download files from my site. My site will stay online just until I get a grade for it and then it will go away. Please help me out here as my teacher can't wait to see what it looks like when it is done. Thanks
  12. Hi everybody! I am making a new NOLF site for my web design class. Now, It is a little differet than normal website were you can download files but I have to have a order form sad.gif So, I am making it so you have to Fake buy the item and then you will get a link to the file. I know it is different but after I finish the class it will change to just downloading it from the main page. However, the reason I am posting this is because my teacher requires that I get permission to use the maps. So, I would like to use as many maps as I can for the site but I need the creator of the map to send me an e-mail at derek_77379@hotmail.com so I can send her proof that I got permission. I know, this is a pain! When you send me the file, can you please just say that you give me permission to use your map on Game Xtreme. And with the e-mail, please give me a description of the file that you want on the website and a screen shot...and of course, the file itself. That would be a lot of help! Here is the site:Game Xtreme It is a major work in progress since for the first lesson..which I just sent in, only needed to have the time frame. Thanks for the help Also, I don't think I will keep this site running longer than I have to. I know it sounds like what this is going to be doing but I have to do mine for school. I had to beg my teacher to let me do this because if I didn't I would be making a website about the state I live in and sell stuff from it...which is BORING, lol. So, I just need about 4-5 people to send me the stuff. You really don't have to buy anything. The form will just ask for like e-mail, game name, games you own, just enough to have a drop down list a check box and a radio button set. Thanks again for all the help!