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  1. [u.N.S.C] Clan information Welcome to the [u.N.S.C.]! First of all special thanks to Dean and his kick butt web design skills! and special thanks to dom he is hoping to get a server up and running soon! So we are the U.N.S.C. a small but rapidly growing clan that plays Day Of Defeat thats right we are a new Day Of Defeat clan. Now at this point your probally wondering what is the [u.N.S.C.]? Well the U.N.S.C. are the humans that fight of the Covenant (the aliens) in Halo 1,2, and 3. It stands for the United Nations Space Command because Halo happens all in the near future lol. This clan was a Halo clan at first not a proper one just one were me and a few mates held system link battles with Halo 2 and then i got DoD (Day Of Defeat) so i made a DoD version and now look at us! If you want to join the clan then first ask me [u.N.S.C.] Unit 23 and there may be a few reasons you are not recruited 1:dont play often 2:tend to join a whole load of clans and plan to leave us eventualy and 3:if you just down right suck! After you have been recruited we will ad you to the achievements section of our page so you are recognized and then we will award you your medals if your deserving! Once you've been recruited you will also have to ad [u.N.S.C.] like that to your in game tag on DoD. thats pretty much it for now stay tuned for info and make sure you make this page known! Please Go To This Web Page To Join Note You Must Have Steam To Join