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  1. brianc2112


    Welcome himeko123, We play each day starting around 2:00 p.m. EST. Sometimes we are a few minutes late, but stick around and a number of us will show up.
  2. I am able to join a co-op game without any problems, but I get the same error as Pepper reports when trying to start DD.
  3. This is so sad. Natter was always a cornerstone of NOLF and a great community member. He will be missed by many. Rest in Peace old buddy.
  4. Good to hear QBert! We typically gather at 11:00am PST which is 2:00pm EST. Due to work, I typically play only on weekends, but sometimes I get to pop in during the week.
  5. During installation, should it ask for CD #2, like it does when you install it from CD?
  6. Hi E, I setup a new Win7 x64 box today and attempted to install NOLF2. After installing NOLF2 and No CD, when I run NOLF2, it says, "Wrong Disk Insterted. Please insert the "No One Lives Forever2" CD 1. Any ideas? Thanks, Brian
  7. Does anyone want to play during the week? Maybe around 8:00 Pacific time?
  8. Greetings, A couple of years ago, I read something about running NOLF2 without a CD. I am assuming this is done with Daemon or Gizmo. To make a long story short, my NOLF2 Disk 1 is scratched. It will still play the game, but I cannot get it to install on another machine. Basically, I am out of luck if my HD or OS crashes, so I want to try to find a pro-active work around to this challenge. Thanks in advance for everyone's input. See you this weekend in NOLF2! Brian
  9. brianc2112

    NOLF Clans

    I noticed a bunch of IF's and U's in today. I have been out of the loop for quite a while, but am getting back into it. What does IF and U stand for?
  10. Welcome to Unity!!!! :)