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  1. brianc2112

    Weapons Mod 5B

  2. brianc2112

    Still here

    Hugo, I was on the server right as you left today! Saw you for maybe 30 seconds and you were gone. Let's again this coming weekend now that the weather has changed.
  3. brianc2112

    Is NOLF2 dead ???????

    Hey Hugo, Saturday night for you is Saturday at 11:00 in the morning for me. With everything to do out in the yard/garden its hard for me to get into the game. I think it may be raining tomorrow, so I will see if I can pop in.
  4. brianc2112


    On the weekends in DD, we can have 6-8 on the low side, and we sometimes end up with up to 14 or 15 on the high side.
  5. brianc2112


    Welcome himeko123, We play each day starting around 2:00 p.m. EST. Sometimes we are a few minutes late, but stick around and a number of us will show up.
  6. brianc2112

    DD and DM servers offline?

    I am able to join a co-op game without any problems, but I get the same error as Pepper reports when trying to start DD.
  7. brianc2112

    Rest in peace my friend

    This is so sad. Natter was always a cornerstone of NOLF and a great community member. He will be missed by many. Rest in Peace old buddy.
  8. brianc2112

    No CD? Running NOLF2 without a CD?

    Good to hear QBert! We typically gather at 11:00am PST which is 2:00pm EST. Due to work, I typically play only on weekends, but sometimes I get to pop in during the week.
  9. brianc2112

    What you been up to?

    Thanks for all the nice comments Bella. Keep in mind there is always next year for a garden
  10. brianc2112

    What you been up to?

    That is cool to see that you are getting out in the working world Bella! For me, Julie and I put in a brand new veggie garden in the spring. Here is a link to a few pics: So far, we have canned 90 quarts of green beans, 35 quarts tomatoes, 35 quarts of pickled green tomatoes and froze a ton of other stuff. Thats whats been happening with me lately in my life.
  11. brianc2112

    No CD? Running NOLF2 without a CD?

    During installation, should it ask for CD #2, like it does when you install it from CD?
  12. brianc2112

    No CD? Running NOLF2 without a CD?

    Hi E, I setup a new Win7 x64 box today and attempted to install NOLF2. After installing NOLF2 and No CD, when I run NOLF2, it says, "Wrong Disk Insterted. Please insert the "No One Lives Forever2" CD 1. Any ideas? Thanks, Brian
  13. brianc2112


    Yes, welcome Tom Goodman and Hurri. Care to join us for a weeknight game at around 7 pm pst (10 pm est)?
  14. brianc2112

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Hope you have a great birthday Bella!
  15. brianc2112

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Thank you everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes!