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  1. Today Patrick told me he got banned from the pnx server for winning. He showed me a screenshot with some very low camper-lean-like scores. The type of game you expect in nolf 2008. Where all are hugged on corners and where once every 20 seconds someone dies. Patrick actually got the highest score. In a lame game like this we are talking about a pathetic 3x amount of kills. So I thought, well it's PNX server, they can bann whoever they like. Where it not that PNX has had similair trouble in the past. Clans and large groups of players accusing them of cheating, never showing any real convincing evidence. Still PNX members have been banned in the past. PNX always replied with the same stories "we are so good, you just have a bad day" and all kinds of similair very innocent excuses. In a certain way I felt sorry for PNX. Even though most of them are german boys stuck behind their computers whose bodies simply CAN NOT FIND A WAY out of puberty, they still try hard to play this game and that does make them good (even though i think that the entire pnx core is nothing compared to a medium nolf group from 2003) So, to get to the point. Are you rops, going to unbann patrick and say sorry for being a stupid hypocrit ridiculous dickhead? Are you going to admit you are just a psycho on drugs who desperately needs a psychiatrist? ;/ Remembering your excuses for hacking SFI, that your life was a mess and the medicine and whatever crybaby stories you had. So obsessed with computerland that you cant stand it when you get beat in an old outdated game full of campers. And more important, that you were BEATEN on your own terms, the same terms and excuses you have ALWAYS been using in the past. Or are you going to show us that you are the stereotype german nerd we talk about in Holland here. The type who sits behind his computer all his spare time, the type who is capable of taking a H&K 7.62 NATO caliber automatic assault rifle to his school because he does not feel accepted, the type who lives in a medieval german village where the girls are called helga and greta, where the government covers up for ex SS obersturmbannfuhrers saying they were "forced" to work. And you sugsen, yuo used to be suglylinni right? Yuo were aruond a little longer. But back when nolf was still action paced and continiously different in multi player,,, yuo sucked,, you sucked INCREDIBLY... I understand that now you are good, this still does not change the fact that you are the same type of reject taht i just discribed in the 6 rules above. Being good in nolf these days means increasing your lean angle and leaning permanently. Doing this smart, no one can get the evidence required to call you a cheater. (((If yuo were not suglylinni (altho i am pretty sure you were) SORRY ! Dont take it personal.))) ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I havent touched nolf in about 8 months. Last time I tried to start playing again. I started talking here about the amount of campers and leaners. I got laughed at. Rejects like Moody who never really mattered skillwise came with modern stories about how nolf is different now and etc etc while everyone who is fair to him/herself now realises that nolf has finally died. So I said to myself `well AE, there is nothing left in nolf, the people who play it changed the mentality, yuo dont fit in` and I left. But even now when nolf is dead , a shroud of drama covers it up. If it was a SFI person accusing Patrick... in a certain way,,, I would call it Patricks own fault. SFI is more sensitive to things others dont care about... But when Patrick told me it was PNX i really laughed my 'donkey' off.... At the end of nolf there was still a core of players dedicated for skill and high scores. They were called PNX.... you do not have to like them, you do not have to agree with them. But in the last year of nolf, with the last 50 people left, they were the best (this is what i heard here and there overall everyone agreed taht pnx had the best lineup). And now.. even they went soft... even they turned emotional over a GAME... banning people who , on a lucky day, scored higher. Well PNX, whatever you achieved during your time, no matter how high your scores, you have just nullified any achievement, by giving in to OLD FASHIONED CHILDISH `i cant stand to loose` feelings. Cool ! I understand that you will now give me a flame post about how I suck and all kinds of similair drama to defend yourself and to turn your human frustrations into bytes. I also know 200% that all yuo PNX will read this. When the servers are empty you wander and stroll on all the forums. Its what yuor kind always does. You can never prove patrick a cheater, even if he is. And if yuo do, then the americanengineered proof against rops will be as objective as the subjective 'frack' you made up to justify banning paddy. You once came with alot of arguments on why pnx is for real and why you dont cheat. Now its time to be realistic and admit that patrick is simply JUST AS GOOD if not BETTER P.S. when do you germans give me my bycicle back ?
  2. 850CSi

    Ok it sucks !

    Policing the server gives just as much trouble as a retail server without any kind of view on who cheats and who doesn't. Whenever person A with the authority banns person B for cheating, person B will just accuse A for jealousy. And if person B is someone well known around here... It will just split the community up in "Yes" and "No" sayers. So instead of cheating accusations on retail servers, we will now simply get jealousy accusations. And people can still say "But I have proof! Look in this screenshot he is leaning but his gun is not in the opening of the door" or something similair like that, for which I can think of the easy excuse as "Someone was sniping so i took some steps back". I think it is impossible to make players check other players. Jealousy, arrogance "i am so experienced i know who cheats and who doesnt" and all those simple human behaviour factors make it impossible and biased. If you play nolf 2.. you have to accept some facts... The game is old... the engine is old... it is full of holes that can be misused. The community is small, no autoupdater exists when you connect to a server... so automatically spreadng an anti cheat wont work.... Cheats do exist and are available by googling or on some shady FTP. Nolf had its glory years, its either time to move on to another game.... or accept the faults that nolf 2 has. I can still have fun in nolf 2.. especially when i play with people i played with years ago.
  3. Awesome job from Dan! This will solve the common flame wars in the servers... Lets not forget to give him credit in the download section, this is a lifesaver.. LITERALLY !!
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    Schutz Staffel Sturm was used in the "SA" the Sturm Abteilung... The muscle of the NSDAP.. And the "Sturm Truppen" Storm troops.. Heavily armed experienced soldiers who lead charges in the blitzkrieg... WTF PWN soldiers