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  1. *PNX* sUXN

    Rest in peace my friend

    I just heard of this from Hugo, and it's hard to believe for me. Natter was one of the first players I met in this game many years ago, and he was always a kind and respectful player, and his presence will be missed. "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!" Rest in Peace.
  2. *PNX* sUXN

    Coming back

    Haha, no worries about the clan tag, I'm freelancing and playing just for fun
  3. *PNX* sUXN

    Coming back

    Good day everyone, not sure if anyone remembers me, but today I decided to check if the NOLF Community is still active, and BOOYA it looks like it is Looking forward to meet some of you in game! *installing atm... * Regards sUXN
  4. *PNX* sUXN

    Hello World!

    welcome dude
  5. *PNX* sUXN

    Doomsday Maps Used

    *dislikes the new map*
  6. *PNX* sUXN

    MSN list

    Agreed. I got Xfire too (check my signature for Xfire-Name) lol, that doesn't make sense... EDIT: sux3n (at) hotmail (dot) com
  7. *PNX* sUXN

    Community Server

    I'd like some DM from time to time too, though I'm more the DD Player...
  8. Same question here...
  9. *PNX* sUXN

    New Server

    I've set it to custom --> 6000, that's what my connection speed is....or is there a better setting?
  10. *PNX* sUXN

    New Server

    Hello everyone, Because the server was down yesterday, I tried to do some hosting on my own, and finally got some success. My DD server will be online from time to time, you can simply check it with Join by IP Tool. As my connection isn't quite high-end, the player limit is set to 6. PM me for any hosting requests (e.g. if you want to play some DM with customs), as long as it is within my capabilities... BTW: This server is not going to be permanent, it's more of an "emergency solution" for cases like yesterday, etc... Current settings: Gamemode: DD Maps: 1. Conflict in Calcutta 2. Judgement in Japan 3. Oceanic Opposition 4. Russian Rampage 5. Violence in the Villa 6. Antarctic Aggression Maptime: 20 minutes Max. Players: 6 Runspeed: 1.4 Weapon restrictions: NO Phos, NO Explosive bolts, NO Explosive ammunition for shotgun, NO Cyanide, NO Missile Launcher Use Skills enabled?: No Last but not least I would like to say a big THANKS for all who made the NOLF2 Community Server become possible and helped to keep some life in NOLF2, I really enjoy playing on it!
  11. *PNX* sUXN

    poop2(working title)

    Lol, looks cool
  12. *PNX* sUXN

    Join by IP tool v2

    Nice tool.....frag ya soon
  13. *PNX* sUXN

    Post Your Picture

    aahahaahahahahhahahahaha * *
  14. *PNX* sUXN

    Nolf 2 Multiplayer Post Master Server Shutdown

    Really nice work everybody, I simply want to thank everybody who helped to keep NOLF2 "alive"...I still play regularly with few members of =NS=, and it's still a bit fun By the way since when does the UHQ server have the skill option enabled? Did I miss something?
  15. *PNX* sUXN

    Bad news!

    FearCombat Bf2142 Cs Source ...more to come XD