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  1. I just heard of this from Hugo, and it's hard to believe for me. Natter was one of the first players I met in this game many years ago, and he was always a kind and respectful player, and his presence will be missed. "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!" Rest in Peace.
  2. *PNX* sUXN

    MSN list

    Agreed. I got Xfire too (check my signature for Xfire-Name) lol, that doesn't make sense... EDIT: sux3n (at) hotmail (dot) com
  3. I'd like some DM from time to time too, though I'm more the DD Player...
  4. Nice tool.....frag ya soon
  5. Really nice work everybody, I simply want to thank everybody who helped to keep NOLF2 "alive"...I still play regularly with few members of =NS=, and it's still a bit fun By the way since when does the UHQ server have the skill option enabled? Did I miss something?
  6. FearCombat Bf2142 Cs Source ...more to come XD
  7. lmao :P well i'll edit that minor mistake

  8. Looks like it's really really really dying now. Well it's been a nice time, despite all the drama. Peace everybody. RIP, NOLF2. †
  9. Mine too! Seriously, I can't imagine how the hell that could happen, neither how you got that strange status at all
  10. And yes, you're not one of those geeks who sit 24/7 behind their computers, you sometimes also sit infront of your computer! When there is noone online, you also consider going to school. :P j/k