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  1. Killaz

    Vista x64.

    huh?! you can have windows XP and Vista installed at the same time?
  2. Killaz

    >NW< clan

    (im one >NW< too ) so...ty Onix! (agree with your sentence! )
  3. Killaz

    Vista x64.

    yep..but i think is there a way to run vista as XP..and then u can use the games! i dunno here i saw it but im sure its possible
  4. Killaz

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday bunny!
  5. Killaz

    Post Your Picture

    l0l..u are the left one right? and u also makes me remember apox..i have seen some animated pics of his...loool now me: (kinda old this one)
  6. Killaz

    -|RofL|- Rolling of floor laughin

    My first post over here! hehe well... im very squeamish ( ) so can u plz put it: -|RofL|- Rolling On Floor Laughing (?) :P hehe..take ur time..but plz put it like that! ^^ btw.. im -|RofL|-'s leader! (smudge is too.... damn..i was drunk when i invited him! ) anything u need..