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  1. Seems like that LiveForever thing does something besides add multiplayers i've got it turn on and it stops this MFC App error.
  2. So now i've been playing the game but i still the get the error from time when i load my saved game.
  3. Basically everytime i attempt to start playing the single player game i get all the "Chapter 1- cate archer must die" and its loading then i;m guessing it finishes loading and then it does it These are my specs -AMD Semprom processor -2600+ -1.60 GHZ, 448MB of Ram For the video card VIA/S3G UniChrome Pro IGP like i said i'm finding it weird if that test thing goes fine.
  4. 1- Done and i still get it 2- same thing happens 3- As above 4- As above Also when i first starting seeing this problem i thought the game needed a 3D to get it working but that was proved wrong with that Test you can do and yes it passed for me.
  5. Whenever i attempt to start a new game it loads and then it quits on me taking me back to XP and i get this "Client MFC application error" And yes the game is a real copy not pirated and the game is V 1.3 so whats the deal ?