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  1. Hi Guys ! I hadn't read this topic before but I have good news ! I currently use NOLF2 with my Snow Leopard running mac ! Just forget the NOLF2 version for mac, it's verry buggy, and you can't use mods. Forget emulators too, these are eating CPU ! There is a very good software, that is WINEHQ, it was designed for Linux but works on Mac now. It's free and let you run your windows softwares without emulation. The easiest way to use it is to download the free software PlayOnMac, which provides a graphic interface for Wine, which doesn't have one. Download it and install it, and now I will explain you how to install NOLF2. 1) Use a Windows NOLF2 CD, and insert it in your computer. 2) Open PlayOnMac and click on Install. Then a fenster opens and click on "install a non-listed programm". 3) Click on Install a app on a new virtual launcher. 4) Call the virtual launcher (or bottle) how you wants to, for example NOLF2. 5) DOn't check anything in the next message 6) Then choose the installer in the disk of NOLF : setup.exe and not autorun.exe 7)Follow the instructions of NOLF2 for installation. 8) How to install Update 1.3 : Once Nolf2 is installed, Open PlayOnMac anc click on configuration, then select your virtual launcher and click on miscellaneous. Click on "Run a .exe file in this virtual drive" and select Update_1.3.exe. Then it's ok. 9) Then Install the mods the way you use to do that. 10) Finally add this file msvcirt.dll in the folder : /Users/yourname/Library/PlayOnMac/wineprefix/nameofyourvirtuallaucnher/drive_c/windows/system32 11) Then open PlayOnMac, go to configuration, click on wine, and go to wine configuration. Select Application and select Windows 7 in Windows version. 12) Then you can run NOLF2, all work perfectly, you can use Join-by-ip, and host with a dedicated server! I hope it helped ! Martin.
  2. Hi Guys ! I'm back playing NOLF 2 during a few days, and I wondered if anyone was playing DM and at what time ! Furthermore, I can't join DM server, I says "unable to join". I don't understand, because I've just downloaded the last mappacks... Do you have an idea? Thank you, Martin.
  3. I found the MFC library, but I can't build NOLF 2 with this Visual studio 2008 express: there is too many errors, because the command line used are "old versions", and he can't understand what that means... So, maybe do you know, (I think the thread has already been written, but I hope somebody has new infos), where I could download the visual c++ 6.0, and the free version? Thanks, Martin.
  4. Hey all, I've tried to modify the source code of NOLF2. And now, I want to build the files. I've a problem, I've only Visual C++ 9 express edition, but it hasn't the MFC'codes library included. So I've searched the codes (afxres.h ,....), on the net, and I only found bad files, which didn't work. Somebody know, what builder I msut download or what files? And if possible, all free ^^ Thanks , Martin
  5. OK, Alexia, Thank you very much for all... I will see how I could do...
  6. Thanks Eliteone In the file after the one you have wrotten on the forum, I see the variable NetFallDamage... The file is serveroptions.txt.. But I don't know how to change the value of the variable... I can only change these who there is written "svrvariable"... I tried to change the default value of NetFallDamage to 0, but it did nothing... How to change it?? Thanks for answering!!!!
  7. Thanks Alexia, I tried the command "FallDamage 0", But I still kill myself...
  8. Hi! I wanted to know if somebody know how to do impossible to kill himself with a DM dedicated server (I want to jump high...). Thanks, Martin.