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  1. Hi all,


    I want to explain what happened exactly, coz I dont like the suggestions that my son is a cheater.

    Kill Kip founded it weird that he only had 3 tubes and others had 5, so he checked his skills which you can alter in lan, co-op.

    After that he realized that these skills, which are normal stuff and absolutely not illegal, worked at LF-mod also.

    He told that to severall players including to Doffy.

    He never had the intention to play unfair. When I saw this topic I've told him to reset his skills. So he did and after that his 'stamina' was zero.


    Ive made a ss for the ones who dont know about the possiblity to alter skills:




    I hope you will understand that nothing special is going on.



  2. Does this mean that everybody has to reset their skills to zero?

    I wasn't aware of the fact that the skills that are used for single player are also 'usefull' for multiplayer.

    I dont see this as cheating coz many players are also not aware that their single player-skills are used in multiplayer also.


    It will be a weird situation when you reset your skils to zero: eg. you wont have stamina anymore.


    What will be the rules for the skills?

  3. By coincidence I have found a p2p-site where its still possible to download NOLF2.

    Therefore I thought it would be helpfull to make 1 topic where new owners of NOLF2 could easily find instructions of what to do instead of browsing a forum.

    That topic is made now so I guess this topic can be locked.

  4. I will explain you what to do to play NOLF2 on-line. Follow the steps and you can play this GREAT game on-line:


    Step 1:


    Go to LINK outdated and click DOWNLOAD-section (click "I agree") and click 'No one lives forever-topic'


    Step 2:


    Download "No One Lives Forever 2 1.3 English Patch" and install it on your PC


    Step 3:


    Download : "NOLF2 Mappack Installer" and install it on your PC



    Step 4:


    Download 'LivesForever-mod'


    Step 5:


    Download 'Join by IP Tool'



    Step 6:


    a. Install the LivesForever mod.

    ---- a. Create a folder C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\Custom\Mods\LivesForever (Spelling is important so name it exactly like this LivesForever )


    ---- b. Put the contents of LivesForever RAR file into that folder.

    ---- c. Yes, you really do have to make that folder.


    b. Start NOLF2 like you used to, and select the new mod.

    ---- a. Instead of the "Play" button, hit "custom," which is right below it.


    ---- b. Check the box next to the "LivesForever" Mod.

    ---- c. Start the game.

    ---- d. Close the game. Now the you have selected the mod, it will stay selected until you restart the game and deliberately unselect it.



    3. Start the JoinByIP Tool.


    ---- A. Choose the tab for DM or DD.

    ---- B. Double-click the server you want to join (Example the SFI DM server )


    *Thanks Kepler for the Basis of these instructions*


    I hope this post was helpfull for you <img src="<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" />


    Have FUN playing NOLF2 <img src="<#EMO_DIR#>/cool.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="B)" border="0" alt="cool.gif" />




  5. It seems to me that my request is not taken seriously and that nobody else sees the benefit of one topic with all ingredients that are needed for new upcoming players :(

    Well never mind that I asked this and forget about it..

    I am not gonna try to get new players anymore

    Sorry for bothering you

  6. It's pretty thorough if you just go in from the top of the server:



    There is a big message there explaining about the Master Server being down, and for more information. it sends you here:




    Yeah yeah I know

    But it doesnt tell where to get mappack & update to 1.3

    New players shouldnt have a hard time to find all stuff whats needed.

    Put it all in one post and then they can manage it more easily..


    I know my English aint that good, but is it so hard to understand what I am talking about? :P

  7. I have posted on a site where people can download NOLF2 that they can play this game without a CD-key. Therefore:


    Is it possible that an admin could make an easy to understand topic about what has to be done to get NOLF2 running on-line for new upcoming players?


    - the update with a download-link

    - mappack with a download-link

    - join-by-ip with a download-link

    - LivesForever-map with a download-link


    And off course an easy explanation of what needs to be done


    That would be helpfull for new players coz it might be too difficult otherwise


    Thanks in advance :)

  8. I have stepped down as leader and my family left =NS=

    The main reason for this decision is : It costs me too much of my spare time and being a leader caused too much stress and my family suffered on that.

    As you may understand family-life is much more important then leading a clan.

    I am sure that =NS= will survive coz it has great members and everybody is replacable.


    I want to thank you all for the nice cooperation we had this last year :)


    We will stay active in-game coz NOLF2 ROCKS B)

  9. You are right about that Bella : there are 2 different maps Agent is talking about :


    - 1 map is taken from CJ and made by Sergeant Pepper

    - 1 map is made by Agent himself (Directors Office)


    It was all a misunderstanding..


    For the swearing part : I believe Agent for 100% that he didnt do is weird how something like this can happen and maybe we will never know who wrote this to you.

    I understand that you cant buy the excuse coz it is a weird story.

    IMO Agent is a very nice guy who would never try to upset anyone and certainly not you.







  10. Sorry Kep I wasn't clear enough I guess :D

    I have the mappackinstaller allready but I dont have that map on our server so I only need that map !

    I am uploading the .rez of the mappackinstaller to our server and I hope that it works B)

  11. Its a pity that the anticheatfix is cracked, but the fix is still a beta-version and the guy who cracked it has informed Dan how he did it.

    There will allways be people who will try to outsmart an anticheat ( I heard that even Punkbuster is cracked :wacko: )

    So an anticheat can never be 100% fullproof ! We have to live with that...

    Question is : should we wait for the final release ? or just forget about this fix and make servers retail again ?

    If we do so all public cheats will return on our servers :(

    I have send a PM to Dan if its possible to contact Sierra and ask them if they can make a retail 1.4 which includes the final fix..probably it isnt possible, but we should try everything to save this game !

    Its lousy that some people cant make this mod working on their PC, but thats reported to Dan also.


    NOLF2 seems a little dead at the moment, but can we blame that on the fix ??

    =NS= and Inf. are trying to inform other gaming people about how great NOLF2 is : we register on big forums and show a promo-video !!

    Maybe other members of this community could do the same and show the gaming-world about the greatest on-line-game everrrrr

    Another idea is : buy yourself another NOLF2 and give it to a friend/family...maybe we can expand this community a little.

    New faces are more then welcome :D