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  1. Muikkie


    Hi all, I want to explain what happened exactly, coz I dont like the suggestions that my son is a cheater. Kill Kip founded it weird that he only had 3 tubes and others had 5, so he checked his skills which you can alter in lan, co-op. After that he realized that these skills, which are normal stuff and absolutely not illegal, worked at LF-mod also. He told that to severall players including to Doffy. He never had the intention to play unfair. When I saw this topic I've told him to reset his skills. So he did and after that his 'stamina' was zero. Ive made a ss for the ones who dont know about the possiblity to alter skills: I hope you will understand that nothing special is going on. Ciao
  2. Muikkie


    Does this mean that everybody has to reset their skills to zero? I wasn't aware of the fact that the skills that are used for single player are also 'usefull' for multiplayer. I dont see this as cheating coz many players are also not aware that their single player-skills are used in multiplayer also. It will be a weird situation when you reset your skils to zero: eg. you wont have stamina anymore. What will be the rules for the skills?
  3. By coincidence I have found a p2p-site where its still possible to download NOLF2. Therefore I thought it would be helpfull to make 1 topic where new owners of NOLF2 could easily find instructions of what to do instead of browsing a forum. That topic is made now so I guess this topic can be locked.
  4. I will explain you what to do to play NOLF2 on-line. Follow the steps and you can play this GREAT game on-line: Step 1: Go to LINK outdated and click DOWNLOAD-section (click "I agree") and click 'No one lives forever-topic' Step 2: Download "No One Lives Forever 2 1.3 English Patch" and install it on your PC Step 3: Download : "NOLF2 Mappack Installer" and install it on your PC Step 4: Download 'LivesForever-mod' Step 5: Download 'Join by IP Tool' Step 6: a. Install the LivesForever mod. ---- a. Create a folder C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\Custom\Mods\LivesForever (Spelling is important so name it exactly like this LivesForever ) ---- b. Put the contents of LivesForever RAR file into that folder. ---- c. Yes, you really do have to make that folder. b. Start NOLF2 like you used to, and select the new mod. ---- a. Instead of the "Play" button, hit "custom," which is right below it. ---- b. Check the box next to the "LivesForever" Mod. ---- c. Start the game. ---- d. Close the game. Now the you have selected the mod, it will stay selected until you restart the game and deliberately unselect it. 3. Start the JoinByIP Tool. ---- A. Choose the tab for DM or DD. ---- B. Double-click the server you want to join (Example the SFI DM server ) *Thanks Kepler for the Basis of these instructions* I hope this post was helpfull for you <img src="<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="" border="0" alt="smile.gif" /> Have FUN playing NOLF2 <img src="<#EMO_DIR#>/cool.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="" border="0" alt="cool.gif" /> --------------------
  5. It seems to me that my request is not taken seriously and that nobody else sees the benefit of one topic with all ingredients that are needed for new upcoming players Well never mind that I asked this and forget about it.. I am not gonna try to get new players anymore Sorry for bothering you
  6. Yeah yeah I know But it doesnt tell where to get mappack & update to 1.3 New players shouldnt have a hard time to find all stuff whats needed. Put it all in one post and then they can manage it more easily.. I know my English aint that good, but is it so hard to understand what I am talking about?
  7. LOL Sasser I meant that there should be only 1 post where new players can get all they need. Coz it is way too difficult to find all stuff in forum at this moment (IMO ) Someone did react allready on that p2p-forum: As you can read he didnt understand what to do
  8. I have posted on a site where people can download NOLF2 that they can play this game without a CD-key. Therefore: Is it possible that an admin could make an easy to understand topic about what has to be done to get NOLF2 running on-line for new upcoming players? - the update with a download-link - mappack with a download-link - join-by-ip with a download-link - LivesForever-map with a download-link And off course an easy explanation of what needs to be done That would be helpfull for new players coz it might be too difficult otherwise Thanks in advance
  9. Muikkie

    Bad news!

    You are a decisive lady E1 My compliments
  10. Amazing a Shania Fan :D

  11. I have stepped down as leader and my family left =NS= The main reason for this decision is : It costs me too much of my spare time and being a leader caused too much stress and my family suffered on that. As you may understand family-life is much more important then leading a clan. I am sure that =NS= will survive coz it has great members and everybody is replacable. I want to thank you all for the nice cooperation we had this last year We will stay active in-game coz NOLF2 ROCKS
  12. Muikkie


    Hi there, Is something changed with your servers ? I have a ping of 330 now instead of 142 Hopefully it wont stay this high
  13. You are right about that Bella : there are 2 different maps Agent is talking about : - 1 map is taken from CJ and made by Sergeant Pepper - 1 map is made by Agent himself (Directors Office) It was all a misunderstanding.. For the swearing part : I believe Agent for 100% that he didnt do is weird how something like this can happen and maybe we will never know who wrote this to you. I understand that you cant buy the excuse coz it is a weird story. IMO Agent is a very nice guy who would never try to upset anyone and certainly not you.
  14. Its no problem Trigger..I have uploaded the .rez of Spawns mappack and we have your map on our server now I didnt know how to do it, coz i am so dumb with PC's, but Dejan helped me with it
  15. Sorry Kep I wasn't clear enough I guess I have the mappackinstaller allready but I dont have that map on our server so I only need that map ! I am uploading the .rez of the mappackinstaller to our server and I hope that it works