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  1. =NS= Linda

    LivesForeverPlus Mod

    Ok thanks for the info E1...hopefully this mod will work on my kids PC
  2. =NS= Linda

    LivesForeverPlus Mod

    Thanks for this new mod Ura Should it be working allready? If so, it doesn't detect any server on my PC. I see the V1.3 Livesforeverplus 2009 on my start-up screen and I tried downloading serverlist from SFI in-game, but no server is found. Do I have a problem again or are you still working on it?
  3. =NS= Linda

    All you need to play NOLF2 on-line

    Kepler: nothing unusual with Lithtexh.exe and there is only 1 installation of NOLF2 E1: I've made a new profile and tried that with join-by-ip; Again no luck I will re-install NOLF2 and hopefully that will do the trick.. Thanks for your help and patience
  4. =NS= Linda

    All you need to play NOLF2 on-line

    That doesnt work either It still loads retail when I use join-by-ip When I start-up NOLF2 itself it does load the LivesForever-mod. It's a weird situation he?
  5. =NS= Linda

    All you need to play NOLF2 on-line

    The rez in the folder is LivesForever.rez ; So that should be ok This is the desktop shortcut properties: "C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\NOLF2.exe" Should I make it like this: "C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\NOLF2.exe-mod LivesForever" ? It can't be changed like this...
  6. =NS= Linda

    All you need to play NOLF2 on-line

    Ok Deleted all other mods. When I look at custom box I still see exp-fix but it aint in my modsfolder anymore Could there be a problem coz of that? The LivesForever-mod is checked allready. When I start up NOLF I can see at the screen that the mod is activated. But when I run join-by-ip it won't work; Error: Invalid CD-key
  7. =NS= Linda

    All you need to play NOLF2 on-line

    Nope that's the only one
  8. =NS= Linda

    All you need to play NOLF2 on-line

    My kids have this .rez: mappack_210308.rez Is that okay E1 or should it be changed?
  9. =NS= Linda

    All you need to play NOLF2 on-line

    PC of my kids still have the same problem They also have Vista SP1 and there is only 1 mappack.rez in custom resources-folder. They can't join via join-by-ip; it says: invalid CD-key I hope that there will be a solution in the future