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  1. {BAB} JJ Argus

    Bad news!

    This is just teh sad. Even with this patch business, which is very good of you to organise between yourselves, I think it's the news everyone was secretly waiting for. One of the down sides to living in a capitalist society eh!
  2. {BAB} JJ Argus

    Spax and Nines' Column

    lol Natt! Mari is MY wife. Caip only ever really had eyes for nines! btw pinx, liking the haiku! & onyx, has your son just dissapeared? jj
  3. {BAB} JJ Argus

    Spax and Nines' Column

    You have no idea how touching that is! I have now printed out your ecard and poem and am figuring where abouts on my desk i am going to post it. (I'm kinda running out of room, but you'll be pleased to know there is a llama pinned up amidst the madness! - far more entertaining than the working time regs lol)
  4. {BAB} JJ Argus


    Well this is an interesting debate alright! I can see where the 'dont change a thing' perspective comes from and i can see where the 'mods are fun' perspective comes from. As always, this comes down to who is using the mods and why. There are many factors that give people advantages. Ping is one that comes up a lot - certain people work more effectively with a certain level of ping. Another would be how good your computer is and how fast it processes the game. So that basically means that, regardless of aimbots, wallhacks and other obvious cheats - people all have different gaming experiences anyway. In the case of these 'chams' there could well be a number of players who use them to make things look different just to keep gameplay interesting, like Sinhol was hinting at. There are already a lot of legitimate ways of doing this by fiddling with gammas, resolutions, server settings, crosshairs etc. Does this mean 'there is enough variety already' or 'there is so much variety, how can this hurt?' Unfortunately, I imagine that a number of people simply want to use chams to give them a competitive edge in the game. Whether or not you interpret this as cheating is of course the crux of the issue here. My opinion is that SOME people will use this to cheat and SOME people will not. To be honest though, I dont see the point in attempting to ban it because people always find a way around - and if they cant, they will find some other way to gain an advantage. Interesting debate though. And doesnt that second screenshot from Cel look uncannily like the Russian Record Building Entrance in the single player mission? jj
  5. {BAB} JJ Argus

    Brits in Amsterdam

    Hmm that's an interesting one alright and there is no definite yes or no answer here. There's too much in there all at once. 1) Probably all to do with the fact we Brits are totally crazy! 2) On the one hand, I think the most obvious point here is that that sort of trip does seem a colossal waste of taxpayers money. Certainly most school trips I went on were ones where you paid for yourself and the government funded the staffing. Just to pretty much pay for the whole trip seems bizarre when the money could have been spent a lot more effectively elsewhere. (Although I dont agree that a video of Amsterdam would have been a suitable alternative) 3) I can also see that people could get angry at the idea that this trip is something that has been - however indirectly - facilitated by the goverment and that raises issues over the UK being a 'nanny state'. 4) I think it is also pretty understandable why on the face of it, people would be worried about sending young children on a sex and drugs holiday. That being said, when you read the whole article that's actually not the case. And that comment about going to see Anne Frank's house - how stupid is that - if anything can be done in the classroom reading her diary could! 5) And finally, let's face it - when you send a group of school children anywhere that isnt school during term time, the last thing on their minds is going to be education! On the other hand: 6) Children are never forced to go on these trips - parents always have to give their permission - and, if you read the article, it sounds as if some sort of community committee dreamed up the whole plan anyway. If this is the case then local communities and parents have as much (if not more) responsibility here than the government does. 7) If you read the logic behind the trip it does make a kind of sense. It's heavily supervised by appropriate adults and in a very high adult-child ratio, meaning it's unlikely little Billy is going to get a whiff of the green stuff and a hows-your-father from a leather-clad dwarf in some alley. It's also pointing out that it's an attempt to raise awareness of why drug abuse and teenage pregnancy is lower in Amsterdam (which says rather a lot). Now i'm a little pessimistic on this front (taking 20 kids to Amsterdam is not going to change a whole lot), but i can understand the somewhat idealist thinking behind the trip. 8) Also, as a Brit, I think a major problem in our society is how we are very reserved in exposing/dealing with/talking about issues like sex and drugs. I dont see that by hiding children away from the realities of life that we will actually be helping them. It does seem to be a case of 'i was repressed so i'm going to repress my kids too'. But even if I dont agree with it, I acknowledge the complexities of personal life style choices, cultural awareness and parental influence. 9) I think the final issue this raises for me is that this is yet another culturally intolerant piece of journalism from one of the more jingoistic newspapers in the UK. The Daily Mail, Sun, New Of The World (haha oh the irony of that name) and the Star are trashy tabloids that feed on exagerrated stories like this that can intensify cultural misunderstanding and intolerance. Not only does the title of that article completely distort what the story was about and force someone to begin reading it in a biased fashion - but it also contributes to the whole stupid eurobashing culture the British Tabloids seem to indulge in. I understand entirely about freedom of the press but with articles like this it does make one wonder why someone would go out and spend thirty pence on it. (If it's still 30 pence, I last bought that pile of junk in the early 90's) So yeah, quite a lot of issues there. I'm going to go back and number them now so the debate can begin!!! jj
  6. {BAB} JJ Argus

    Slowness & Donations

    huzzah!!! *clicks google*
  7. {BAB} JJ Argus

    Spax and Nines' Column

    Do i like it? No, i LOVE it!!! <3 Mari!!!!!
  8. {BAB} JJ Argus

    Slowness & Donations

    how much do you get for the ad use? What I mean is, if we click on the ads and the google link for 10 mins, are we going to gain you 10 cents or 10 dollars? jj
  9. {BAB} JJ Argus

    Spax and Nines' Column

    Llama Llama Moon Llama Llama Llama Spring Llama Llama Fish! This is for my darling wife
  10. {BAB} JJ Argus

    Welcome To [U.N.S.C] Clan.

    I'm sorry Bella I didn't mean to cause offence and yes after looking I guess it doesnt specifiy nolf2 clans only. Still have to point out this guy appears rather patronising and condescending, which is why I came out with my response but yeah I suppose that our community will see this for what it is, so I didnt really need to put it in. Should I edit/delete? jj:) EDIT: Oh my gosh - i just realised i put 'bolf' instead of 'nolf' - oh the shame!!!
  11. {BAB} JJ Argus

    Welcome To [U.N.S.C] Clan.

    There are sooo many questions here! Why are you posting here, do you even know what the bolf community is about? Who is Dean? Who is Dom? And who cares? Who cares about a small-fry clan in a massive game who seek to recruit by being patronising and condescending? Who cares about getting medals on a page that will never ever be looked at by anyone ever? Really, this is worse than a spambot! Go back to your branch leader and tell him 'WE DEFY YOU AND YOUR PUNY FORCES, AHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHAHA!' - or something similar. Good point - and even if they did I imagine there would be mutiny within a week! Well, that was an amusing post to read! jj:)
  12. {BAB} JJ Argus

    Enemies annoying respawning

    Have you considered disarming the enemies rather than killing them? - that way they will not respawn, but of course they can still raise alarms and you wont get such great kill stats at the level end.
  13. {BAB} JJ Argus

    Spax and Nines' Column

    yeah after all haiku's or their predecessors are only like hundreds if not thousands of years old... ! jj
  14. {BAB} JJ Argus


    oh goodness, i never knew there were so many people aware of the existence of nolf!
  15. {BAB} JJ Argus

    Spax and Nines' Column

    oh noes!!!!!!!!! *hangs head in amateur shame and wanders off to pick a fight with teh nearest alpaca*