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  1. Happy Birthday Sunshine!!!!! I can't believe I missed your Birthday! I hope you had a fantastic day!!!!!

  2. ya but u know what that leads to, she'll fall for me and start callin way too much and i'll get annoyed and bored and wont be able to answer my phone or log onto msn and mannn restraining orders are just so time consuming to fill out i'd rather just avoid the whole situation lmao --btw i may be a wingnut
  3. Stability is high priority for me too R\ Yes stability is a good thing but all work and no play makes Trig a dull boy lol. havent seen u, ok im just posting cuz i came up with a signature and i wanna see if it works if u know what its from cooool
  4. Yea, if my pc werent so expensive id punch it in the face!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  5. Lodingi solved the teamsay mystery for me!!!!!! i wasnt running the game as administrator, that did the trick, im happy--thx all for helping me out c u on the killing fields lol
  6. Caip i just wanna say i love that quote u picked thats a great one, im a fan of nietchze myself
  7. wow what a topic to bring into a gaming world, reminds me there r real ppl behind these clever lil names of ours. I believe its unnatural therefore predetermined not chosen. And fuzzy has quite the open minded opinion on the issue, she's right there are a lot of unfit parents of the heterosexual nature so why not give the others a chance but wow would that kid ever have a rough go of school and life until it reaches a mature age. 'Id prefer the other evils over this one , but aaah im not gonna get into it too deeply i think i've left my redneck unseen so i'll wrap it up
  8. ahahh i think Trig may be alrite, i love people that speak their minds lmao, just wish i could kill him easier well that was all i wanted to add, sorry i cant make this reunion weekend but it technically wouldnt be a reunion for me cuz i dont know any old time nolfers lol. well my sarcastic @$$ will be back on the 3rd or 4th, have a good time all, and i dunno trig, two a holes in the same stitch of time does seem a lil fishy lmao, peace out
  9. muahhha i bought xp online, when i get home im takin the labtop in to have vista removed im not dealing with it no more, $160 and one day without it is well worth the price to end all the stupid hassels vista presents, if this sounds like a bad idea lemme know i have 8 days before i get home----thx-=Sad=-
  10. no no sasser, im sayin my profiles folder is empty even tho i have 3 active profiles
  11. thx arch, but my profiles folder is empty, it jsut says default and looks like a hassel to open, it wants to do some kind of search to open the file so i imagine its not right. I have two profiles i use in mP and neither of them show here. im getttin sick of nothing working right and i think im just gonna leave it alone for awhile til im a lil less spiteful of the damn thing. Is there a command prompt text i can type to make it tear the game outta my computer??
  12. ahhh , ok i went into the profiles folder and there is nothing in there but default, and when i try and open it it tells me it needs to install something into my internet explorer, do i need to do this or is there some funny vista black magic goin on here.-= Im starting to think the computers dont like me=-
  13. Yes this is my question lmao, thank u all so much for helping me out and being patient with me im so computer illiterate. It wouldnt let me uninstall arch, so i reinstalled it and now i think i am lucky it works at all. I'll try to switch the bindings when i find out how to access them lol. ugh-- well Finger 11 tonite!!!