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  1. ill agree with Sonic goo .. DRAMA
  2. sinhol92


    I have an idea, what about WE CAN MAKE nolf3??? (like a mod) The best modders/editers all copperate on one project, and make new levels, skins, and all... and we're kind of making NEW NOLF.. would be great Good Modders: TriggerHAPPY, Sapwn, Ura, Rus agent?, and so on!!
  3. What about a new " award "??? lets keep this game alive^^
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    Ok it sucks !

    *reading the speach* and kind of agree
  5. sinhol92

    Ok it sucks !

    first of all IT DOESNT SUCKS it only sucks for the ppl who cant come in :wacko: Have u tried 2 ask peeps like: Zerro, spawn, dan himself, maybe some good modders, (they often knows how 2 fix thoose kind of troubles) And Yea , its not the best Anti cheat, some smnart ppl can easily crack it. & I want, One server with anti and one WITHOUTH Well, i dunno, lets discuss this Exploit
  6. yea, tell some suggestions....
  7. well, i dont think so, i wanted first 2 see how many WHO WANT 2 play this, and then we gotta find a date where ALL clan come..*few have signed up* understand?
  8. i was thinking what about a warmup before " the tournement " ? the time/date. Not after it plz... (have examns)
  9. SIGN UP!!!! Date - ? PLZ disucss here Time - ? PLZ disucss here Server - NS server, Mod - ANTI CHEAT! 1,34, the latest version " mission " - Have fun and tag each other^^ Teams: Ninjas vs Indians Ninjas: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Backup: 1. 2. 3. Stinky Indians^^ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. backup: 1. 2. 3.
  10. my conclusion: if u are desperat after getting laid: go 2 Red light...
  11. ok all, i think we can get some players atleast When? Where? suggestions?
  12. OK, i like too play matches, and i thought this was a great idea. dont ya think it would be fun with a match with only : Nanas, glue and nades?? well, some people were talking about this on the server few days ago, i really liked the idea, so i decided to write here. Im sure we can fix a server, we have so many servers today, right? What ya think about this? intrested? or any other ideas? we gotta have a match soon!(for unityhq members) and i was thinking about, the winner of most tags can get an award^^ the Tag master lol! Greetings, Smudgy
  13. well, the music isnt good, its booring, in my opinion! i think for new people they dont care about the FUN in the game..first how it IS.. and with thoose weapons and mod its looks so final fantasy out... i cant say mcuh about the movie, didnt see whole, 2 long, and singelplayer.
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    yea, but aint u tired of old boored ninjas^^? i do alot of things 2 get the game fresher like: playing with my name ,trying new crosshairs, changing color at crosshair, try 2 fix some display options so it looks diffrent...
  15. sinhol92


    since ya cant google i can say what chams is, its " colored " or changing texture / skins in poeple in game. like ninjas is all pink, yellow, green or somerthing. np
  16. sinhol92


    depends on, u gotta see how it is. some chams is cheat, and some aint, after my opinion... well, i dunno
  17. well, trigg... This wasnt a serious thing really^^ we did it just for fun.. And as far as i know, people who dontplay nolf2,, thinks all the gadgets are stupid.. ALL my friends is teasing me because iplay game with banan, sleep nades... Music: well,i f u want old players to join nolf, maybe it fits with 60's music... but for the youngsters we need some rock or rap... no doubt
  18. Greetings all, Me and couple others in NS have made a video, it should really be a promo video, but in the end its just a cool and funny video after my opinion. Take a look, plz comment Enjoy, hope unity peeps enjoy's it just as much as we in NS did... as i said:plz leave comment.. PEACE
  19. 1st: its not me sug (is steffylove) and he plays on Laptop
  20. U cant be serious i think he got good enough graphic card ... he has quite new pc..
  21. hello all.. my norwegian friend cant install nolf... he have baught the version. he cant play it, he gets this message when he is clicking on nolf.. Can anyone help me? (Stoffy) i would appreciate it !
  22. 1st of all: HOW can u play with SO big Crosshair?? anyways is it better? Second of all: doffy didnt say too u? (in the end)
  23. jokko.. who are u? im from norway 2... Hvor bor du ? Spiller du nolf2?