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  1. ill agree with Sonic goo .. DRAMA
  2. sinhol92


    I have an idea, what about WE CAN MAKE nolf3??? (like a mod) The best modders/editers all copperate on one project, and make new levels, skins, and all... and we're kind of making NEW NOLF.. would be great Good Modders: TriggerHAPPY, Sapwn, Ura, Rus agent?, and so on!!
  3. What about a new " award "??? lets keep this game alive^^
  4. sinhol92

    Ok it sucks !

    *reading the speach* and kind of agree
  5. sinhol92

    Ok it sucks !

    first of all IT DOESNT SUCKS it only sucks for the ppl who cant come in :wacko: Have u tried 2 ask peeps like: Zerro, spawn, dan himself, maybe some good modders, (they often knows how 2 fix thoose kind of troubles) And Yea , its not the best Anti cheat, some smnart ppl can easily crack it. & I want, One server with anti and one WITHOUTH Well, i dunno, lets discuss this Exploit
  6. yea, tell some suggestions....
  7. well, i dont think so, i wanted first 2 see how many WHO WANT 2 play this, and then we gotta find a date where ALL clan come..*few have signed up* understand?
  8. i was thinking what about a warmup before " the tournement " ? the time/date. Not after it plz... (have examns)
  9. SIGN UP!!!! Date - ? PLZ disucss here Time - ? PLZ disucss here Server - NS server, Mod - ANTI CHEAT! 1,34, the latest version " mission " - Have fun and tag each other^^ Teams: Ninjas vs Indians Ninjas: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Backup: 1. 2. 3. Stinky Indians^^ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. backup: 1. 2. 3.
  10. my conclusion: if u are desperat after getting laid: go 2 Red light...
  11. ok all, i think we can get some players atleast When? Where? suggestions?
  12. OK, i like too play matches, and i thought this was a great idea. dont ya think it would be fun with a match with only : Nanas, glue and nades?? well, some people were talking about this on the server few days ago, i really liked the idea, so i decided to write here. Im sure we can fix a server, we have so many servers today, right? What ya think about this? intrested? or any other ideas? we gotta have a match soon!(for unityhq members) and i was thinking about, the winner of most tags can get an award^^ the Tag master lol! Greetings, Smudgy
  13. well, the music isnt good, its booring, in my opinion! i think for new people they dont care about the FUN in the game..first how it IS.. and with thoose weapons and mod its looks so final fantasy out... i cant say mcuh about the movie, didnt see whole, 2 long, and singelplayer.
  14. sinhol92


    yea, but aint u tired of old boored ninjas^^? i do alot of things 2 get the game fresher like: playing with my name ,trying new crosshairs, changing color at crosshair, try 2 fix some display options so it looks diffrent...