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  1. MaMMoth

    Who's that cute kid?!?

    1) Look at me a pimp at young age 2) Dont you love my DUCK HAT ? This is all in warsaw not far from my house in the Park. The older kid by the duck pic is my older by 5 yrs brother I think I was 1.5 yrs old on the duck pic and teh pimp about the same i believe. Everything during communism still in Poland...
  2. MaMMoth


    i think becoming a citizen and having my polish citizenship pushed back - meaning i swore i have to defend america first then my country - is nough for now... yeah this topic totally got out of hand it all started with knixs polish eagle lol - i just wanted to see you guys in real life
  3. MaMMoth


    actually hmm it only has 2 wings and two heads - i wuould think that teh russian eagle might have better strategies but couldnt complete them since two heads wont agree on it - HA!
  4. MaMMoth


    what country dont u like knix ? AND UMM - yeah the polish eagle could beat american eagle lol -
  5. Bella and others can we maybe set up a classifieds forum where u can sell y our stuff or at least advertise about it - I think that would be cool seeing that sometimes people look for stuff otehrs wanna get rid of - let me kno!! your always hairy mammoth
  6. MaMMoth


    oh and that pic is liek 4-5 yrs old - before i lost 40lbs(somehwer ein sfi forums about how i did that in 3 months) and before i got a polish eagle tattoo and an eye brow pierced and before i had sexy time with the ladies
  7. MaMMoth


    bastards i thought that picture would never hunt be again BUT ALAS !!! you guys have found it - damn damn damn you... anyway - please post your pics come on - just a pic geez trig woot woot - metal ? bella anyone !
  8. MaMMoth


    lol you guys are funny - reall funny - those are my god fathers since he just thorws 'frack' everywhere since he lives in an apartment - hes a doctor - and no he wasnt there nude - HE WAS AT WORK - your minds are crazy people - and lol brad pitt. Post some pictures of yourselves COME ON !
  9. MaMMoth

    Car Talk

    see baracuda in not into all teh american power thing. I do drive stick and i do some crazy stuff on teh road but i dont have a ride supped up for anything ( my last car got totaled and then one before simply died on my after a huge jump) - now i won a mitsubishi eclipse but soon enough i plan to upgrade to bmw 3 serious from aournd teh 2000 year. When it comes to power however i have a friend Chriss who has invested over 35,000 dolalrs into his 2003 mitsubishi eclipse where everythign is after market. excpet teh frame of course. Runnign at about 600 horses i think he could smoke the mustang gt no matter what year. The supercharger is amazing on that beast. I can show you pics soon i know he has it on his website somewhere. Anyway if i was going to get a mustang then yes a 66 model sounds perfect or even a corvette stingray from around that year would be nice 2.... much love mammoth.
  10. MaMMoth

    Amazing Story I read ...

    it wasnt an elephant it was a mammoth and it happened during teh ice age - and he didn kill him by slamming him he killed him with an ak -47 - there now we got our facts straight!
  11. MaMMoth

    Man eats Bear at Beer Festival

    wow f d up ppl those russians - not like gentle polish ppl - lol!
  12. MaMMoth


    Oh and btw if you guys have pics of yourselves feel free to present them - im interested in seeing with who im combating... hehe
  13. MaMMoth


    Hey guys its mammoth and i decided to shwo you all how i look - dont know why but maybe one of you can help me land a role as a model or an actor. Go to my myspace pages and check out the pics. if you dont have myspace then hmm i dont know sign up for a an account for free and then jsut dont do anythign with it lol. Check it out tho - i will also soon post more pics formy website andthen ill add this.
  14. MaMMoth

    I'm Back

    wow guys thanks for so many welcomes - im blushng lol - havent seen a bunch of you guys for a logn time - i play mostly now from 1-3 pm eastern time and then at night as well - so if you guys want to catchme there and blue yeah come play knix, lod, onyx, trig, and that old fart phant should ocme back to - even though havent seen him in a long time- Well danr it dont know what to say and YEAH POLSKA IS POLAND and knix your jokes still make me laugh - lol - see you guys around MaMMoth