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  1. Hi Eliteone! Crazy to see we are up and running after so many years! I am doing great. Have some more free time so wanted to check out the game. Would love to get a match going like good ole days haha. I figured it out and got the game working. It feels so different! I dont remember the mouse sensitivity being so big. Even after reducing it to nothing. Cheers! Rafal
  2. Hi Everyone, It's me [SFI] MaMMoth - its been ages since I have lurked here. I missed the game and am trying to introduce it to a few of my friends for some fun times. I installed NOLF 2 Live Forever Plus installer, opened up my ports 27888/27889 on my router and my windows machine and I continue to have problems hosting a game for someone to see it. Additionally, when I try to connect to one of the servers that are out there I get a message that I have been banned or kicked from the server. No idea why. Can anyone shed some light. Shoutout to Eliteone, Belladona, Lodingi, Onyx and a few others. HI!
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