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  1. Barracuda


    So I blink, and it's almost a year.... This is rediculous. Well, hopefully this won't happen yet again! Barracuda
  2. Barracuda


    I just have to find which game box they are in, I condensed down to save space. Just haven't really had time to re-install lately. I spent most of last night doing a backup of my /home partition (I switched over to Linux a few years ago) when XP crashed on my last PC (just a few months after it was no longer supported, I found it a bit convenient :/ ). Using a program called "WINE", I can run almost all of my games (Fallout 4 and Space Engineers are the only 2 that don't). Some things that stopped working on WinXP after I upgraded to newer video cards, all work flawlessly now. Hopefully I can get back to playing soon. Barracuda
  3. Barracuda


    Hi all, I did a quick search before I posted, it's been about 4 years since my last time dropping in... Hopefully I can hang around a bit longer this time... How is everyone? I found my NOLF2 CDs recently, but they are currently in a box. I know which box, just not sure what they are buried under. Hopefully I can get it installed and running. Sometime soon, it's been REALLY busy lately. Barracuda
  4. Barracuda


    Well then, no echos must mean that somebody is here. I thought I would drop by and see how everybody was doing... Seems a bit quieter than I remember...
  5. Barracuda


    *pokes head in* Hello? anybody here? *listens for echo* Barracuda
  6. Barracuda

    Found my NOLF2 Discs, again

    I thought they were buried, and they were. But just underneath all my other games in the box, not in the back of the storage building... So I'm installed, now just time to patch it all up.... Anybody still playing?
  7. Barracuda

    greetings all

    not much, on dsl again... so more net for me... how's it been going around here lately? just got home from work, 3.5hrs sleep, and 15 hrs of driving running paper routes.... I'm ready to drop...
  8. Barracuda

    greetings all

    *Popps head in* *Looks around* Hello? anybody home? *waits for an answer... or an echo* Perhaps if it is an echo, it will be an echo of the past, what once was, but is no more. Or maybe an echo from the future? A warning of what might be... we must wait and find out. Come now, the journey awaits...
  9. Barracuda

    Official 'Hi there!' Topic!

    figured this would be faster since I'm about to pack up the system... (in reference to hurricane Ike) Today we head back to go home. They finally lifted the mandatory evacuation order, so we can go home. Our house managed to get away relatively unscathed, but I most of the area was severely damaged by storm surged, some places to the south there isn't much left. I haven't been home since we evacuated, so I'm interested to see how much that they have managed to clean up since the storm. My parents were back a several days ago and said we had water and power, but the county didn't want anybody coming back to stay yet. Hopefully I'll be able to get back on at more regular intervals. Hope all are doing well.
  10. Barracuda

    will nolf2 run on it?

    cool, swapped over to the new mobo and it's only got 1 IDE, so I'm limited on space until I can get a SATA drive. So I've been rotating stuff out to see what works, and I figured I would pop on and ask. Anybody notice any spikes in the speed of the game when playing? I was playing unreal tournament the other day and it doubled in speed, sucked since I've got the minimum framerate set at 90fps.... anyway, thanks for the input, just gotta get my disc and install!!!
  11. I was wondering if anyone has had any trouble with nolf2 and a dual core CPU and or Crossfire. I recently upgraded and I've been testing to see what works and I figured I would pop in and ask. I would have searched for it, but I'm on 26.4k at best, takes forever to get anywhere, vista doesnt help (on my mothers PC, no room for the modem in my PC!) thanks for any input, see you all later! Barracuda
  12. Barracuda

    Official 'Hi there!' Topic!

    well, rather than making a new thread, this is much faster, Once again, we move... to connection sucksville. So we are back without dsl/cable... but (although I've heard this before) it should be in soon, there's around 700 people in the area that want it, and would get it if available. soooooo... until then I'm swiping my modem back from my dad's PC, he can go buy his own.. (he's had mine since '03!) Currently at a friends house, so I'm on cable ATM... but I forgot my nolf2 disk, so no play for me... . Hope to return soon, and hope all are doing well.
  13. Barracuda

    Car Talk

    hmm, sounds like our cars met a similar fate, only my dad put mine outa commision... some guy hit it in the pasenger side door at 65mph (in a 35mph zone), he was in a truck towing a boat and trailer... nasty results, if I can ever get the pics off of the vid camera, I'll post 'em.
  14. Barracuda

    Car Talk

    Indy, I hear you! My problem is I burn up the automatics.... How about one of these? Only problem with it I got, is any trans that my motor wont break, they don't fit! your welcome...
  15. Barracuda

    Car Talk

    New? They starting to make them again? Last I heard DMC was completely kaput...