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  1. So I blink, and it's almost a year.... This is rediculous. Well, hopefully this won't happen yet again! Barracuda
  2. I just have to find which game box they are in, I condensed down to save space. Just haven't really had time to re-install lately. I spent most of last night doing a backup of my /home partition (I switched over to Linux a few years ago) when XP crashed on my last PC (just a few months after it was no longer supported, I found it a bit convenient :/ ). Using a program called "WINE", I can run almost all of my games (Fallout 4 and Space Engineers are the only 2 that don't). Some things that stopped working on WinXP after I upgraded to newer video cards, all work flawlessly now. Hopefully I can get back to playing soon. Barracuda
  3. Hi all, I did a quick search before I posted, it's been about 4 years since my last time dropping in... Hopefully I can hang around a bit longer this time... How is everyone? I found my NOLF2 CDs recently, but they are currently in a box. I know which box, just not sure what they are buried under. Hopefully I can get it installed and running. Sometime soon, it's been REALLY busy lately. Barracuda
  4. I thought they were buried, and they were. But just underneath all my other games in the box, not in the back of the storage building... So I'm installed, now just time to patch it all up.... Anybody still playing?
  5. cool, swapped over to the new mobo and it's only got 1 IDE, so I'm limited on space until I can get a SATA drive. So I've been rotating stuff out to see what works, and I figured I would pop on and ask. Anybody notice any spikes in the speed of the game when playing? I was playing unreal tournament the other day and it doubled in speed, sucked since I've got the minimum framerate set at 90fps.... anyway, thanks for the input, just gotta get my disc and install!!!
  6. I was wondering if anyone has had any trouble with nolf2 and a dual core CPU and or Crossfire. I recently upgraded and I've been testing to see what works and I figured I would pop in and ask. I would have searched for it, but I'm on 26.4k at best, takes forever to get anywhere, vista doesnt help (on my mothers PC, no room for the modem in my PC!) thanks for any input, see you all later! Barracuda
  7. Typical, I got so busy with the wedding and setting up and packing that I totaly forgot about the reunion, of course, 1.5 hours sleep saturday morning before the wedding didn't help either. Hope it went well.
  8. I just thought about this yesterday, when I was talking to a friend. I won't be able to make it untill Sunday afternoon. Friday I have to help out with setup, then Saturday that friend is getting married. And I'm DJing the party so I have to be there, even if I didn't want to go. (which, I do.)
  9. I'm having some trouble getting my Server machine going, but if I can get it running I'd be happy to set it up for the weekend... I could set it to TDM, since there seems to be an abundance of DD servers around. Seems I have a sick power supply on my hands, worked last time I tried the machine, but that was before the move. So if you need another server let me know.
  10. OK, I reset some stuff to default, if you tried it before and didn't like the setup... you can now rest easy, it's just like every other server out there.... quick edit here: also the server is in Texas, I've noticed some from Europe with 150-180 ping. (which all things considered, aint too bad, with the DSL I had before, I was getting 190-250 ping on SFI's DD server.... which just tells me that the dsl truly sucked.)
  11. I've setup a nolf2 doomsday server. I should have it running thru the weekend... Mainly to test my connection and the system. I'm currently working on a system for a dedicated server so I can leave it up 24/7. As it stands I'm hosting this on my gaming system... If you get a chance, please check it out and give me some feed back on how it does. I'm tweaking as I go. Server Name is: -UAK- Playground Almost forgot to add, If you could let me know how many where playing at the time, and your average ping, it would help me figure out if there are any bottle necks, and whether or not I'm getting ripped off by the cable company! Thanks!
  12. Saw Die Hard about a week ago, give or take a few days. And saw Transformers last night. Would recomend both. Die Hard is the typical fast hard hitting, with just enough slower spots to fill in the blanks on what you've just seen. Transformers is pretty cool, although long at almost 2 1/2 hours. But you simply can't tell a story like that in 1 1/2 hours. Checked the Transformers movie website, and found out that the guy that did the voice for Optimus Prime, was the same guy that did it in the cartoon so many years ago. (unless I just totaly misread what they said, it was 3am....)
  13. Saw it again today, it's comming out on DVD, not in theaters... The Shooter. Mark Wahlberg (think I spelled that right.)
  14. Exactly! Or maybe just a Browning M2 .50Cal MG... I saw previews for another movie this weekend that is supposed to come out in july, but I can't remember what it was... I go to post, and forget it... I hate when that happens...
  15. Well, I've seen F4:Rise of the Silver Surfer. May go see Transformers... Really waiting on the 3rd Bourne movie... I think it is The Bourne Ultimatum. Bit busy today, can't recall exactly. I will probably go see this as well. Just a really stupid movie based question here. It happens in all of them but seems to be most obvious in Resident evil. (and this is to the best of my recolection, didn't see the whole thing all the way thru.) AI computer detects leak and locks down the place, info suggest that the AI is off it's rocker. AND you're going into a place that did really odd stuff (aka - "research") so who knows what your're gunna run into. So why in the heck do they go in with pop guns? Best equiped of any of the bunch was the gal (jessica alba was it?) with the MP5 with the 100rnd box mag... Except for the Demolitions guy, that had the shotgun. Now that seemed to be the smart one of the bunch. (didn't he throw a grenade, or some C4 into the bunch of zombies and then give a few rounds of buckshot to the hand full of survivors? as I said, didn't see it all)