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  1. Hello all, A new mappack has been released today which includes several new and interesting maps. The most remarkable additions are the maps from Kyle Katarn: An updated Rooftops map which now includes several interesting and funny things. You will find three versions of the map: A DM, AM and a TDM (Team Deathmatch) version. Another nice map included is the brand new map called Lake Acid. Take a look for yourself and enjoy. The new mappack can now be downloaded from NOTE for users who are a regular visitor of the JAG server: From the 13th of December (next Saturday) onwards, the JAG server will switch to the new mappack. People not having the new mappack by then will face difficulties when joining the JAG server. As a last word, we would like to thank all the mapmakers for their efforts as well as (JAG)Sauron for maintaining the mappacks. Thanks, A320
  2. Airbus320

    Bad news!

    This is a major blow for the NOLF2 community. I hope there will be a way of bypass this issue but I doubt it. Is there any mod available which let's you connect directly to a server through IP:port? Running your own master server might be difficult because I doubt they will give the necessary software/clues to do it. I don't think they hardcoded the IP number(s) for the master servers into the source. That would not be smart so assuming they defined a domain name, you could try to get the domain name or at least ask them to change the DNS entries to the 'new' master server. But I think the chance to all this is close to nil. Good luck
  3. Or adjust your microphone properly
  4. Yep totally unknown players for me Give it a try around 19.00 GMT:
  5. So if I am correct there are the following 'rules': The static custom skins for NOLF1 creates a neglectable lag if the textures used for the skins are the standard nolf textures (mountains, grass, motorcycles etc etc). The dynamic skins (which have moving parts or changing colours) or skins for which non standard textures were used creates more lag because the non standard textures have to be send to the other players.
  6. Hi all, Since 7 months I am running a NOLF 1 server (the PLI thing). One of my rules stated for this server is "No custom skins". The main reason why I forbid custom skins on my server is that custom skins would create extra lag and because I am network limited, I can't use extra lag. However for 2 weeks, I talked to someone who said that custom skins don't create lag at all... I still think it creates lag because people with custom skins require more bandwidth to send their skin to players which don't have the skin on their computer. But I am still doubting about this issue.. :? So does anyone know if it really creates extra bandwidth usage / lag and if so, is it much extra bandwidth or is it neglectable? I would like to know this because if the lag issue with custom skins is just a fable, I will remove the rule because custom skins can be fun. A320