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  1. Ok , sorry for the delay . I got caught up in playing the game again . Everything went smoothly . I burnt everything to a new disc and everything installed fine . Though I still have to use the old disc to play ( must have a hidden non transferable key which is normal ) other than that everything is great . OMG I forgot how much I loved this game . Thanks again Mr. Idependent , your my hero ( for a couple of weeks at least ) . And as far as Notre Dame goes , I allways cheer for whoever they are playing against ( definately not a fan ) . Unfortunately I live rite next to campus and having to deal with the idiot "my daddy has more money in his pocket than youll see in a lifetime" additude from 99% of them , I prefer to see them get spanked . Though that beer will be waiting for you if you ever do make it down here .
  2. Ok , all downloaded . Thanks again . Ill post up the results here in little bit , wish me luck
  3. Well , I was just going to put the file with the rest of what I could copy off of CD1 and then run the install exe. . Wow ! Talk about timing Thank you Independent , if you ever make it to South Bend Ill by you a beer . Ok , Ill post as soon as my download is done . Im on a second level DSL connection so it shouldnt take too long .
  4. No hurry , whenever you get time .
  5. Thanks again everyone for all the suggestions and help . Mr. {SFI}Independent , I sent an IM to your pearlkr@hotmail.com account . The FTP setup seems to be about the fastest way I think to transfer that file . But then again , beggars cant be choosers either
  6. Thank you Spacko . Ok , I just did all the sign up stuff for the MSM Messenger ( allways had it just never set it up ) . I set it up so my user name is Floyd Pepper . Ack! Its 3am here now , I have to get up for work in a couple of hours . Ill get back to you tomorrow . Thanks again
  7. Thanks again for the hints , but everything in my "new" comp is up to date as far as drivers and stuff ( I've been building my own computers since 97 ) and anything that even had a hint of being hit by the surge was removed , so basically everything except the case itself . So here is where I'm at rite now . I tried to copy CD 1 to the hard drive and got the same error when it gets to the "data2" file . So I break out the "illuminator" ( took the lamp shade off ) and indeed there is a scratch about half the size of a hair about 3/4 of an inch long on one side ( all but impossible to see ) . So I was able to copy everything over to the hard drive except for the "data2" file . So now I'm at the point of being a really big pain in the rear and ask if anyone with access to an FTP site would be willing to let me get a copy of the "data2" file from CD1 . Unfortunately its the biggest file on disc 1 , roughly 266 megs , so its to big to Email ( I think , not sure on that though ) . I'm open to any kind of options for downloading ( I do have Yahoo messenger too , maybe a file transfer ? ) if anyone would be willing to help me out with a copy of that specific file I would be most appreciative ...
  8. Thanks for the replies Ill try and do the copy the CDs straight to the had drive and run it from there thing . Weird thing is , there is no visable scratches on the disk at all . Oh well , Ill let you all know how it goes . Thanks again .... Troy G.
  9. Hello everyone , I am running into a problem trying to get the game to install . I searched the forums trying to see if this has been covered before but I didn't find anything so if it has , sorry for reposting an old issue . Anyways , my system consists of Windows XP Pro , 64 bit AMD Athlon 3.2 gig , really big freaking hard drive ( 300 gig , partitioned four ways ) , unfortunately after a recent lightning strike and full rebuild I'm down to just onboard video ( Gforce 6150 I think ) , and a Creative Audigy gamers sound card . Ok , well when I go to install NOLF2 , it gets to 27% ( at the sound.rez file ) and hangs for a long time and eventually errors out ( Ill post the actual error at the bottom of the post ) . Just wondering if anyone had any helpful suggestions or god willing an "Oh , you just need to do this and all will be well" . If I need to post up any other stats just let me know . Component transfer error Component:Resources File Group:Resources File:H:\data2.cab Error:Data error (cyclic redundancy check). My game CDs are all fine , no scratches or any kind of visible flaws that I can tell and I used to play this game all the time way back when I was still running Win98 but this time around its a no go so far . Any help would be extremely appreciated .