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  1. handd2005

    Connection issue

    Hello fellow NOLFers, I've played NOLF2 for years but haven't for a year or so but I want to come back and play. I've downloaded and installed all the necessary mods and the multiplayer launcher but when I go to join it says there's no one on the servers even tho Unityhq.net says there are people on. I connect and go into the game and no ones there. I tried the Join by IP tool and same thing happens. I wanna nana, what gives? Thanks, [GD]Handd2011
  2. Hey guys, I haven't played in quite awhile and it looks like I've missed a lot. Anyone still play with bananas these days? In other words, does anyone even play anymore? I know people play DD in the early afternoon (est) but does anyone play DM? I went on that Tunngle thing and there's a few people on there but no one talks and no ones on the server. This is disheartening.