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  1. NOLF 2 runs normal on my box. I have Multicore CPU and CF setup.
  2. Took a picture right away. People saw me kinda funny that I actually took a picture out from the menu, but I didn't care. This is classic for us NOLF 2 fans...
  3. Went to Indian Town for dinner today...
  4. In short, NOLF 2 runs on multicore processor and in Crossfire setup.
  5. Proved my theory that Brady can't do much when he doesn't have his sweet 'donkey' time to throw a pass. At last, NFC Team won the SuperBowl.
  6. WinZip 11 can open WinRar files. Just an FYI.
  7. Actually Electoral System is more fair than Popular Vote. US is basically divided to many states and each states has their own laws, etc. If the election is only based on Popular Vote, the candidates will be busy only campaigning to states where they have the most populations, (i.e. California, New York etc). They will only try to satisfy what those states want to hear and ignore the rest of the country. By using Electoral System, each states has somehow equal rights to voice their opinions even though they don't have the same number of populations compare to bigger states. I feel like the country right now is looking for who can bring changes for the better into the fututre (the same thing the candidates have been yapping about). It's not a matter of a gender or race anymore (as the President). My opinion tho, they can't do any worse than this current administration. Just my $0.02.
  8. I heard about the issue with 4GB or more issue with Vista 64 when installing Vista 64, but I personally don't have any problem. Vista 64 recognizes all 4GB of my RAM. Something about your BIOS for your motherboard as well. Check if you have the latest.
  9. Just an FYI, NOLF 2 and CJ can run on Vista x64. NOLF 1 can't even install on Vista x64. I haven't had time to find out how to install NOLF on Vista x64, but NOLF 2 and CJ run out of the box.
  10. The only I can think of is bad video card (either bad memory on the video card or not enough power to supply the video card), but you stated that other games are OK. I'm just wondering if the other games are 3D intensive applications as well. If it is, then I would probably try to re-install NOLF 2 (remember to backup all mods and save game files). My next suggestion would be to install the latest Nvidia Driver (latest ForceWare) and see if it helps your situation. Good luck.
  11. Hey what about me? :P

    Sry just was adding him to my friends list... u go on with the talk. :D

  12. My motto is "If I'm going down, you're going down with me as well". Kamikaze so to speak.
  13. It does now ! Great video and Weird Al complements it nicely. I was laughing my a$$ off watching the video. Great Job !
  14. ARCHIE!!!! We miss you. come play soon!