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  1. Right here we go: 1. How can you get AI to patrol, use objects etc. I cant seem to find how to do this, pretty difficult compared to NOLF 2. 2. Doors opening correctly. For some reason, my doors just swing right out, most times out of the map itself. I was wondering, what settings have to be set to prevent this? 3. How to rotate prefabs to the right direction. I dont seem to be able to rotate them well at all, pretty poor tbh! Thats all, if anyone can help I woud be very grateful! Regards
  2. Just to say not sure if my message reply got through so I'll post my email here - Cheers BlackCat
  3. Hi all I have been recently making my own personal sp level but need some help with AI related things concerning the msg commands: 1. What command is used for an animation? I use contract but the AI just flies about on fire. 2. How do you talk to an AI? I am testing it out on the sounds already available but can't find how to do it. 3. I also need some help with goalscripting as everytime I try it doesn't work. I've also had problems with trying to get the robot to patrol. Instead he goes to the node but sits there despite there being a link to another node. Sorry for being long winded. All help will be heavily appreciated.
  4. i no i probly sound like a complete noob but ive forwarded the ports i need and still the ping of my server is 65535. i connected directly and it worked so its not my xp firewall. so i was wondering if anyone could help me? thanks