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  1. Fzy sent me word about this, so I had to come see what was going on. I know it's been a long while since I've been apart of the community but NOLF will always give me a warm nostalgic feeling in my heart, and it's sad to see someone we've all gamed with many times pass. Although I didn't really know him personally he was one of the many people I liked to play with and he will be missed for sure.

  2. Did you place the CoopMissions.txt at

    Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2

    Or if you are 32 bit C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2?


    Do you have the Livesforever Mod selected?


    Yes ma'am, and yes ma'am!




    Uploaded with ImageShack.us




    Uploaded with ImageShack.us




    Uploaded with ImageShack.us




    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

  3. OK, I did all of the above and when I launch the Nolf2Svr it gives me an error that says Error - This config file has no maps selected.


    I'm getting the exact same error now as well so I'm not sure were the holdup is.

  4. Hey Elite, so I did all of the following and got my server to run but like Fzy I didn't have the coopmissions.txt originally so I made the one from the code you gave above and put it in my NOLF2 root folder as directed and still when I run my server it runs the original default coop campaigns and not the SP missions. I thought the problem was from the default_campaign.txt but the only one I have is in the DD campaign folder in the profile folder which is for DD but I don't see one for coop so am I missing a file or what?

  5. Yeah it was great playing with some nolf2 vets earlier today. Like riding a bike, it didn't take long to get the hang of it again. Can't wait to play with a bunch of people.

  6. Wow I didn't know there was people still discussing this stuff at such a late stage of this game's life, but I guess it's good to see people still active in this game. I'll have to see if I can't fire my NOLF2 up again and find some people to frag for old time's sake.

  7. It's tough to see a group you've been with so long suddenly fold up and vanish. I know the feeling, I've been there. I've played NOLF2 off and on now for over half a decade, which means NOLF2 did something really right by my book. I make a toast to NOLF2, NS, the other clans that have come and gone over the years, and all of those players who put so much time and love into making the game fun whether it be mods/maps or simply their entertaining presence in the game. I look forward though to playing new games and hope to see some of you again!

  8. So who's working on emulating a master server so that we don't have to use a mod and an IP tool? Also, it'd be nice to be able to actually see who's in the servers before joining/how many, and the ability to see what map is loading between load screens. Does anyone know what the game looks for when trying to find the master server? IP address?

  9. Really nice of Sierra to do that. You know, that way they can make more space for newer and better games like FEAR...uh...oh wait...bad example...no no no, I'll think of one. Just give me a few years ;)


    I think NOLF2 is like Milton in Office Space, when Lumbergh tells him to "just go ahead annnnd, move your desk downstairs into storage B." I think we need to set Sierra's building on fire. :D

  10. Well I'm usually up around the time you are Patrick because I work :o night shift, but usually I don't even check NOLF2 for servers because only the PNX server has players. I'm willing to compromise though if you're willing to show up. :)

  11. I think you confuse me RXS, There is also a Nolf2 player who play at times like that with name !Patrick.. Thats not me, I am unknown(=NS=). I never /rarely played with you I think RXS, and really u play with lot fun?? Must be Very deep night :P and what do you guys play DM or DD?


    Doomsday, and yes we have tons of fun believe it or not. You're welcome to join us. Nobody ever said that having fun doesn't mean you don't have to be competitive, but it's not our top priority I don't think. A concept that PHX and most of it's members can't seem to comprehend apparently.


    Today Patrick told me he got banned from the pnx server for winning. He showed me a screenshot with some very low camper-lean-like scores. The type of game you expect in nolf 2008. Where all are hugged on corners and where once every 20 seconds someone dies. Patrick actually got the highest score. In a lame game like this we are talking about a pathetic 3x amount of kills.


    I just gotta say, why is it taking this long for you to discover this? It took me 2 seconds, and I did it long ago. Hell, I have a screen shot of me playing with rops and sugly in their own server and getting a matching score on rops, but as soon as I got to his score, he switched teams in fear that I might beat his score so that he could win. It's priceless really.


    Even though most of them are german boys stuck behind their computers whose bodies simply CAN NOT FIND A WAY out of puberty, they still try hard to play this game and that does make them good (even though i think that the entire pnx core is nothing compared to a medium nolf group from 2003)


    LOL! I think about 90 percent of the community knows this, which is why 90 percent of the community has nothing to do with them.


    I just gotta say on the whole though, why do you care? Better yet, why should we? I mean, basically what you said about PHX was common knowledge and the fact that they banned Unknown should quite simply be a good reason to stay the hell away from them. There's plenty of other people in the community to play with who are (believe it or not) enjoyable and interesting. We welcome more people who want to play and have a good time, regardless of what your skill level is. Play fair and have fun, pretty simply really. We''re good at both, so if it sounds like something that interests you guys don't be a stranger!

  12. does hamachi work if i select LAN instead of internet? because it lets me make a game in lan.


    and i forwarded port 27888 on my router firewall and my windows firewall so i dont think it might be a problem.


    thanks for the quick responses tho guys.


    Not sure about that hamachi business, but I think it should work on LAN. Don't know though, you'll just have to try it.


    I don't know what kind of firewall you're using, but I know that if you're running your connection through a router it works a little differently. Your software firewall though you should try connecting while temporarily disabled just to see if it is blocking access. If it definitely isn't your firewall, then I'm all out of suggestions.

  13. Hamachi DOES work with NOLF2. I've used it myself before. I just don't know what would be causing that to happen. I would suggest it might be something to do with the CD key, but it sounds like it won't even let you get that far, so again I really can't guess as to what it could be. I mean, if you're getting internet on all of your other applications, then we know it should be receiving access. Do you have a firewall? That would be my only other thought. If you have a firewall and you haven't configured it to have NOLF2 access the internet it might block it from accessing the internet giving you that error. Dunno. I'll post anything else I can think of if I do.

  14. I've only gotten that message when the master server is down or if for some reason I can't connect to the internet. So my guess is either 1. You're not connecting to the internet somehow or 2. The master server was down.


    I just checked a minute ago and it seemed to connect no problem, so you might want to check again. Also, the only other thing I could think of is maybe if you have a firewall it is possibly blocking it, although I doubt it.

  15. You know, I take back part of my previous statement about CJ sucking. I still think the single player missions aren't worth squat, but one thing that is always overlooked about that game is the multi-player. If you've never played online with the Pegasus mod in the custom maps, then you can't talk bad it about it just yet. I've seen some pretty cool stuff online with the mod as well as the new and improved engine and newer game resources. I'd even consider reinstalling it if I actually thought there would be a consistent stream of players online, but I know that's not the case nor will it ever be so it still remains tucked away.

  16. I have to agree with Elite. 100 signatures isn't squat. For this game it is impressive simply because of our community size. While people have come and gone throughout the years of NOLF2 glory days all the way to now, it's never been a popular game or had a large crowd of people playing it at one time. While I still think it's good to keep an optimistic attitude about this and we should try our best to try and persuade the game developers to make a sequel, our community just doesn't have the numbers to make an effective petition. However, I hope that despite their lack of interest as of late that they will at least consider making a sequel at some point, if they haven't already. Sometimes no news is good news...sometimes.

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