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  1. Hey great mod . But i'm kind of stuck. Ive completed nearly all the objectives here, like till activating the crane.The ninjas are walking around too. But the objective of infiltrating the facility is still unchecked and i cant seem to get out now. I jump into the boat but there are no controls and i cant get past the sea gate. Would appreciate help. Thanks.
  2. ack...collecting intelligence was cool!! one of the best parts of NOLF..reallly amusing stuff at times. Well this game obviously didnt take much time and is what it's supposed to be. A shooter.
  3. Hey, i just tried the demo..and is it just the demo or does the game have no intelligence items? I mean the drawers and cabinets weren't opening.. there was no "open" sign on them. And there was the NOLF 2 there no new music either? Oh and ofcourse..enemies keep shooting blindly even when you're hiding..
  4. hahaha..yeah i checked that out again..The mirror reads "corner stall"..i found the stuff in the stall anyway. And i though Kamal was trying to imply that i'd got my hands dirty in you know when you kill people..Lol.
  5. Hey, I was wondering...When you return from the Evil Alliance mission and get a job with HARM, Why does Kamal keep telling you to wash your hands with hot water? Lol.
  6. Oh!! WIts a NOLF 1 mod!! lol... What is it doing in the maps folder of NOLF 2 on Fileplanet...Hehe problem solved i guess.. Thanks.
  7. Hey. I have an old PC..its 1.4 G and 256mb ram. Xp sp 1 because sp2 has issues wth some games on my pc. But i havent had an issue with any games like this in they wont start at all. I'm not sure about the magazine edition. And yes i did try running it in compatibility mode with win 98/Me.. Nolf 1 does run on XP right? I returned the Cds(2 cds ...not DVD) and got nolf 2 in exchange.
  8. Hey guys, Has anyone played this forgotten bunker single player mod? I downloaded it from and tried it in the usual way with the custom/mods folder. And i get the name with the version 1.3 in the game menu but its not in the chapter list like it should be. Another SP mod worked so i dont know what the problem is. Anyone know?
  9. Hey. NOLF 2 runs ok on my computer. Just played through it...but i tried starting the 1st one and the installation runs smoothly but when i click "Play", it says "No game resources specified"...What does that mean? I have XP service pack 1 at the moment.