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  1. StormChaser

    Post Your Picture

    LOl..assuming SFI Indepedent is female ..I dont think my parents would like the idea of guys staying over .
  2. StormChaser

    Post Your Picture

    Sure... just let me know when you plan to visit.
  3. StormChaser

    Post Your Picture

    1) No not Ms. Bhutto. Someone new though. Everyones willing to bet on Imran Khan. 2) Yes of course you could get that pizza in Karachi, Lahore, Islmabad or any Pizza hut here . 3) No but Mcdonalds or KFC probably deliver there..
  4. StormChaser

    Post Your Picture

    Yeah Pakistan. and those countries are all bordering neighbours. We're not a desert though.. And we're not a terrorist country, though due to this government, 2 extremes seem to have developed. The middle class or moderate part of our society is slowly dying. Life is normal here. Like we have Pizza hut and Mcdonalds and malls etc. But at the same time we do have strict people. Its a family think i guess.Varies and depends. Youd be surprised if you came here though. And Musharraf is kind of a pain you know. People are still actually foolish enough to support him.. He's completely divided our country in so many ways and inflation is terrible.Its bad for the poor people who are still a large part of the population. So over all we're still a developing country but we've come a long way in only about 60 years.That's how old we are. Anyway its not like what you hear on tv. Its just normal.
  5. StormChaser

    Return of H.A.R.M

    Oh. Got it..thanks.
  6. StormChaser

    Post Your Picture

    Hey..its from a KMFDM album cover."WW3"
  7. StormChaser

    Post Your Picture everyones seen im taking these off..I generally dont leave pics online but guessed NOLFers are decent.
  8. StormChaser

    hey again

    Well, i joined in about February but im still kind of new here so hello again everyone. I just turned 21
  9. StormChaser

    Return of H.A.R.M

    Hey great mod . But i'm kind of stuck. Ive completed nearly all the objectives here, like till activating the crane.The ninjas are walking around too. But the objective of infiltrating the facility is still unchecked and i cant seem to get out now. I jump into the boat but there are no controls and i cant get past the sea gate. Would appreciate help. Thanks.
  10. StormChaser

    just played the demo..intelligence and music?

    ack...collecting intelligence was cool!! one of the best parts of NOLF..reallly amusing stuff at times. Well this game obviously didnt take much time and is what it's supposed to be. A shooter.
  11. Hey, i just tried the demo..and is it just the demo or does the game have no intelligence items? I mean the drawers and cabinets weren't opening.. there was no "open" sign on them. And there was the NOLF 2 there no new music either? Oh and ofcourse..enemies keep shooting blindly even when you're hiding..
  12. StormChaser

    silly question..

    hahaha..yeah i checked that out again..The mirror reads "corner stall"..i found the stuff in the stall anyway. And i though Kamal was trying to imply that i'd got my hands dirty in you know when you kill people..Lol.
  13. StormChaser

    silly question..

    Hey, I was wondering...When you return from the Evil Alliance mission and get a job with HARM, Why does Kamal keep telling you to wash your hands with hot water? Lol.
  14. StormChaser

    fortgotten bunker mod

    Oh!! WIts a NOLF 1 mod!! lol... What is it doing in the maps folder of NOLF 2 on Fileplanet...Hehe problem solved i guess.. Thanks.