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  1. Sounds like a wunnerful tinng Sweetie. Got my email address? If not, lemme know. At this point I'll try anything. Downloaded that big mappack last night, hosted, and same crrap happens. It just restarts da same map when it's finished. So... yeah... send em over. Thanks Hon! (Ummm...er... "Boss". Sorry...)
  2. Thanks BZ. But I only have 2 files in Custom\Resources... UHQ_DD_N2_CUSTOM_MAPPACK.REZ and UHQ_DM_N2_CUSTOM_MAPPACK.REZ. (BTW, these mappaks confuse me. I dunno which one is the "giant one". I think I got the above 2 from The site that shall not be named.com... not sure... I forget now. I used to get a big custom mappak from the jaguar clan's site, but can't find it anymore there. I'm downloading the mapak below right now from this site as I type. "UnityHQ_NOLF2_Mappack Version 2.0 **Updated Aug. 14, 2006**" I hope datz it. Cuz I also noticed that some maps just don't work, and either get a black screen, or one worked.. but made a bunch of weird noise at first starting up. So maybe the mappaks are corrupt? I dunno. I also noticed that sometimes when I start my server... I log onto the game, and sometimes don't see my server running. So I shut down the game and restart it till I do see it. And then I sometimes see a crapload of servers running... all with 65*** pings. (forgot the exact number) And also like I said previously, when I start my server directly from thee .exe file... I NEVER see it listed. Only when I start the game, hit HOST, and then LAUNCH, Then it closes out the game and launches the server, causing me to restart the game to play myself. I'm lost in da sauce here kiddies. "Ol Poppa Woody needs help. And either is gonna track dis glitch down till I drop... or give it da Hell up. Cuz mah bones iz achin' frum it...
  3. As far as I can see... I don't have ANY of those "cfg" files you mentioned under Profiles. And the only "Player.txt" file I have pretty much looks just like the example you posted. And when I start it up from the "NOLFsrvr.exe"... it seems to setup and run fine, but when I log onto the game... I don't see my server in the list. That "scmd" stuff escapes me. Dunno wut it is. Wut is it, and wut is it for, and how do I use it? Sorry, I'm just an old fart trying to get me damned server runnin'... pardon me if I'm not too savvy wit dis crap. So again... HELLLLPPPPP!!!!
  4. Nope. Just running like 6 maps from the standard custom mappaks. No "Animal House" in there though. (never heard of it) I dunno wut the problem could be. Maybe I'm setting it up or running it wrong...? I went in the server config, added 6 maps, didn't really change much other than the maps and added it to a named campaign... "Heywood's Joint". Then I hit "Launch". It closes out the game and opens the server, I reopen the game, hit DM, it queries servers, I hit mine, and I play. But it just doesn't cycle thru the maps. It just ends, and when it goes to change maps... it starts the same map again. I can manually change them... but it's a pain in the 'donkey' that way, and makes me have to leave the very end of a game as the clock is countiong down. So... I dunno WTF to do... HELP!!!!
  5. Yeah... it is... and it don't. I am SO bummed. Wut da figgedyfarkinfook...? Iz it bwoken...? <"sniff!">
  6. Well finally figured out after like 5yrs. of playing NOLF2, how to run a dedicated server. Everything workd fine and all... but I just can't get the maps to change after they end. It just stops, acts like it's changing maps, then restarts the same map! Which makes me have to physically go to the server and change the map manually. Also, when setting up the server, I noticed after you put in all your custom maps on the right column... it has two options at the bottom of that column... "loop" & "Yes". But they're greyed out, and I can't figure out what they are for, or how to "un-grey them out" and make em workable. I hope I made sense. Any ideas and help guys...? Thanks! {SFI}Poppa Woody/Heywood Jablomi
  7. Please keep her in your prayers... thanks... "I Turned To Look But It Was Gone..." eddie a.k.a. {SFI} Poppa Woody a.k.a. Heywood Jablomi
  8. Been playing NOLF2 for years now with little or no problems, but lately this thing is happening where my screen freezes. And the only thing that seems to kinda fix it is by hitting ctrl+alt+del. This closes the game momentarily and brings me to my desktop with the task mgr. open. Then I gotta close task mgr, hit alt+tab to bring up game again, (which is usually a black screen) so I gotta continue to hit alt+ tab to alternate from desktop to game until the game finally restores. I have no idea what's causing these freeze-ups, but they seem to be happening more & more lately. The only thing that's changed on my PC recently was my firewall (EZ Trust), which I'm almost certain is set to accept NOLF2. I have Win XP Pro w/ service pak 2, an ATI Radeon 9600 vidcard, and more than enuff Processor & RAM to run the game. But like I said... I noticed the prob after installing the firewall. (tho iit could just be a coinsidence) EZ Trust firewall was given to me by my ISP free, and I was amazed at the fact that it's exactly the same program as Zone Alarm. It works, looks exactly like and acts just like it. Only difference is the logo. But I only have one entry in the allowed programs for NOLF2. I think in my old Zone Alarm, I had a few more enties from the NOLF2 folder, but forgot what they were. Anybody have a clue about what this freeze thing is, and how to solve it? Thanks! Heywood Jablomi
  9. not working for me today... still getting invalid CD key error. Dis sux... I need to kill somebody...!
  10. And Gummi Bears too Uncle Indy...? Wouldja...wouldja...wouldja...huh...huh...huh...???
  11. Ok...so sue me...I'm an old fart who still doesn't even understand how those "magic pictures" appear in dat box in my living room called a TV. So I REALLY don't understand everything about the internet, online games, servers, master servers, etc... NOLF2 is really my first "online game". I notice that people can "host" games online, and certain clans like SFI and Unity have I guess "dedicated servers" to host games. So what's a "master server" for then? If the people are playing on SFI or Unity's computers...what's the "master server" do? (this may seem like an idiotic question to those in the know...but I don't really get it.) AND...if for some GOD forsaken reason...Sierra decides..."screw it...we don't give a rat's pitoot about NOLF2 anymore...were shutting down it's "master server"...would someone be able to set something up to continue on so people could play online...even tho Sierra dumped the game? Also on that line of thought...supposed you buy NOLF2...wanna play online...and for whatever reason...some 13 yr old pimply faced kid is in charge of the only server that host's the multiplayer levels. (like in charge of SFI or Unity's server's...which are really the only constant servers I ever see) And for whatever reason...you piss this pimply faced 13 yr old off just because of some unfair reason let's say...he just don't like you...and he logs your IP and bans you from the server... Are you screwed for life...and can never ever play NOLF2 online again...??? Just because of some immature pimply faced kid that don't like you, cause maybe you kicked his 'donkey' too many times in DM or he doesn't like where you place your bananas etc.? Are you basically at da mercy of whomever is hosting the online game? Do you gotta kiss their butts just to stay online? Can you complain to Sierra about stuff like that...like getting bumped off because somebody is just a jerk and has his hand on the button to ban you? I never understood how all that worked. (And by the way...did I tell you how lovely you look today Eliteone...?)