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  1. Snowguard

    Handheld games

    I got a PSP There have to be more Action games on it
  2. Snowguard

    NOLF 3

    LoL I have seen that picture before
  3. Snowguard

    Favourite gametype

    I like DM
  4. Snowguard

    NOLF 3 wishlist

    1: I want the Sniper from Nolf1 Back !!!! 2: Make a Own Character 3: Must be for Consoles and PC
  5. Snowguard

    NOLF 3 wishlist

    it was a joke!
  6. Snowguard

    NOLF2 fun video

    Nice video
  7. Snowguard

    NOLF 3 wishlist

    I want No mimes but CLOWNS