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  1. Tried to change them i gave them all of the permissions but still nothing it is a weird issue indeed and if i could atleast quickload it'll be fine but i can't even quickload
  2. i don't think that there's anything
  3. It's completely the same still can't save
  4. no it's like when i want to save it then it looks like it saved and is in the save file, but i can't load it from the menu
  5. SinglePlayer folder is there when i make a new profile
  6. D has 101 GB and C has 64,6 GB, and i use D mostly for games
  7. I did uninstall then installed the new one, i have a windows 10, i ran it as an administrator and ran in compability mode for Win XP service pack 3
  8. Sorry for replying this late but for some reason even the version from this website still doesn't allow me to save
  9. ehhh i think i have a cooldown to download anything because it won't allow me
  10. ok i'm gonna do that right now
  11. i was also thinking is there any difference between the disc version with the pirate version ?
  12. even with the files you gave me still doesn't work, and i did rename my save file and looked into the save folder and all of the save files are there but i can't load it from the menu
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