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    The Ideal Community

    I think that the best way for the community to inprove is members taking more of an active role in all the games if they have them and doing so as a community, so we could organize Nolf1 days, Nolf2 etc and make sure that players from both sides of the fence take part and also make them fun days with fun being the major word rather than scoring max points etc I also think that to many people have a habbit of saying what is wrong rather than coming forward and doing something to make things better.

    No NOLF Servers

    We will soon have a Netherlands based windows server running NOLF1 as well as a linux server there. If you wanted to pool together and raise enough money to cover a game sesson there then give Airbus, myself or Charm a pm and we can sort it out.

    UnityHQ Website

    Very great looking site Bella, and E1 well done

    Official 'Hi there!' Topic!

    Thanks Bella for the warm welcome. Well I am 32 and am from the UK, and have been playing NOLF 1 from when it first came out, and have also tried my hand at NOLF2 and CJ, in the beginning I mostly played DM, but went on to form a small clan with some friends, which then went on to become on of the biggest NOLF1 clans out there. I have also been involved in several other gaming sites.
  5. Hey Bella First off sorry it has taken me a while to come and post, and I would like to say that this is a very cool looking site.