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  1. i've posted it over at gluefactory too: I replay all 3 NOLF games almost every season because these are one of my favourite games and I miss it so much. I enjoy everything in it, from action to stealth, from humour to gadgets, from characters to fun story. I even like to just walk around Unity building interacting with characters and objects, seeing what's going on and wondering how fun it could have been to work there enough chatter though, just as all of you I wish for NOLF 3 to happen terrifically. With the recent sequence of classic titles being revived (fallout, deus ex, diablo, starcraft, red alert, etc) I check gaming news frequently hoping to hear some news about Cate's new adventures. the question is what can we do to help to make it happen? the petition at is a great idea. I've posted link to it on my site and spread the word around anywhere I go. Do you guys have any ideas about what else we can do? I've tried writing Game Informer magazine but they still didn't publish my letter. Do you know how to contact other pc-friendly magazines or pr people? I will try to do more research as I have account with games press i just have a feeling if nolf 3 is meant to be released, we will hear some news soon. I wish so, what do you think? let me know how else can we help...
  2. I am a big PC gamer and I've been playing PC games for almost 17 years now starting from such classics as Wolfenstein and Doom and Duke Nukem 3d. Even though I think some of the console games are good to play occasionally I wish PC gaming would be more popular nowadays. My favourite games are NOLF series of course, Tomb Raider series, Deus Ex 1 and 2, Advent Rising, Bloodrayne 1 and 2, etc.
  3. which Cate's adventure did you enjoy the most guys? I always play both games one after another so it's one long adventure for me. I think part 1 is longer but part 2 is more detailed graphics wise. They both have good features and I always enjoy re-playing it many times What I miss from part 1 though is more of Unity. I wish there would be headquarters like in part 1 where you can return from time to time or whever you want to, not just to fight but maybe play mini-games or relax and maybe gain experience. I love Unity and all the characters!
  4. lol that's weird I think it's just a joke and H.A.R.M really doesn't stand for anything, it's just Harm lol
  5. even though I was sceptical at first I really enjoyed that movie. Some of the plot twists were unpredictable and unnecessary though. Craig makes a pretty good Bond after all.
  6. hi huys, I saw you have petition for Nolf 2 multiplayer on the main site. Can we please start one for Nolf 3? I will gladly support it and refer as many fans as possible. this is the response to the email I wrote to Monolith in july 2006 if we have petition signed we will have more to show them Please let me know how it goes or if there is any news. I just replayed both Nolf games and I really wish there will be part 3