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  1. {SFI} Shinigami

    Will anybody EVER play NOLF2 online again?

    For me, it's not that I'm all that busy I'd like to get back into it, but every time I log in nobody is there. Also, I get the facebook posts a lot more easily, I'm busy in that I will never think to log in here after do a million online things all day.
  2. {SFI} Shinigami

    Post Your Picture

    Ooh, look, I can see up Sanders nose!
  3. {SFI} Shinigami

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Aw, ty ty, I'm back! My computer died, but it just got wiped and fixed, so like... I guess today is my computers birthday?
  4. ALT METAL: 10 Years: Wasteland- Amnesty International Tribute Footage from Advent Children + Dir en Grey's Kodou The Final by Dir en Grey CELTIC PUNK: Drunken Lullabies by Flogging Molly Tale of a Convict by The Go Set Yeah, youtube is not quite as versatile for what I like, so this is what I found...
  5. {SFI} Shinigami

    Post Your Picture

    Hey thanks! I think as far as the UNITY one goes though, the ground rules will be if I know you and theres a picture of you somewhere, you are in the group shot... lol, I should be getting some time to work on it tomorrow... But maybe if my {SFI} peeps *cough cough* get off their hineys I'll have our clan pic eventually, and if you =NS= guys give me some motivation I could do one for you =P I smell an ARTTRADE!
  6. {SFI} Shinigami

    Post Your Picture

    Hah, Lee has a very impressive monkey collection...
  7. {SFI} Shinigami

    Post Your Picture

    Forgot this never got uploaded...
  8. {SFI} Shinigami

    Post Your Picture

    Hey Unity people! This idea didn't go over so hot as it should of in my clan forum, but as you are all already so bold and daring I figured I'd try it on you! Sooo, I have been wanting to put together a group picture for some time of the awesome people I NOLF with, and then it hits me that it could be made to benefit our fabulous servers as well! The idea is to collect pictures from willing people to use as references for a photoshop portrait with all of us in NOLFY outfits and attitudes, and then have a final product that could be used to make money for the server funds! Admins can email me about the specifics of that if they are interested, but for now lets just have fun with it, and maybe even get it done by X-mas. Parhaps there could be two versions, one regular NOLF and one holiday, its up to you! Heres the drill: Thats step 1: send me a you picture. Step 2 is tell me what you think your uniform might look like, i.e. might be styled after UNITY guards. Step 3 is if you think that weapons should be part of the uniform, or if they should be optional or what, and if you want them tell me what kind of weapon you would hold (within reason, such as light sabers or pistols, but no rocket launchers or hummers). THINK DIVISION THEME! Step 4 is tell me if there is a particular person you want to stand with, or if you think it should be totally random, and whatever the majority of you think will go. Oh yeah, and if you think names should be on there, either on the outfit like a patch, or maybe just a tag below their feet... BE DETAILED! my email address is amalthea@comcast.net, for best results send the picture in the body or have a link, attachments may not work so good. Good deal?