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  1. Thanks Elite. I just downloaded winrar from cnet. It looks like everyone left the server though! LOL Come back...........
  2. I tried downloading it from both unityHQ and Unky's post, but when I try to open it/extract it from my desktop, I get stuck in some weird loop of being taken to an Internet Explorer page that is blank. Then, it asks if I want to send an error report.
  3. There is definitely a double standard for Hillary because she is a woman. I only brought up the point about the woman voting for Obama to show that it was not a planted question. All politicians change their minds....just like rational people.....The people who never change their minds because they are too stubborn to listen or weigh facts are the scary ones.
  4. FYI, the woman who asked Hillary the question that made her "cry" ended up voting for Obama.
  5. or murdering innocent people or lying or destroying evidence or torturing people or....
  6. Yeah, my brother and his family had to evacuate twice....the second time was at 2 AM with embers flying around their backyard while the ridge right behind his house was on fire. That fire was set by a 12 year old girl. It is a miracle that they still have their house. To any firefighters reading this, thank you for all of your hard work. Almost everyone in so Cal knows someone who was affected by this fire. It has been very stressful and depressing.
  7. That sounds like a lot of fun! Since I have not played since this AM, you must be addressing me, Bella.
  8. Don't worry Knix, I still love ya. Miss seeing you in the game. Something must be wrong with me because I never seem to get bored with the NOLF maps. When I had a little flare up of arthritis in my hands a couple of months ago, I was totally stressing about how this was going to affect my NOLFing 10-20 years down the line. I play other games, but none of them make me laugh so hard! I also tried FEAR, but the only thing that I laughed at in that game was my score. Guess I'd better say something about the Master server in this thread....well, um...I'm glad that it is back up. Hope to grow old with many NOLFers.
  9. Knix, could you please take the knife out of my back?
  10. Catmama

    Guys vs Gals '2'

    I'm game, pun intended.
  11. It was a blast! Looking forward to the next one.
  12. Thanks for the link to the TS info, Mime. My opinion of mimes has changed quite a bit since you joined our clan.