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  1. wow. That's very cool of him. In other news, way to go E1 working with CSports.
  2. True enough Coach, now I see where you're coming from. Hell, that'd probably work. Gets my vote as a solution... we are voting... aren't we? /callvote
  3. Satan's on the airwaves. We really need the limitation on media ownership back.
  4. If you had taken the time to read the thread like you should have before posting food(like you should have), you would see we are talking about solutions for the base abuse problem, not whining about it. How does getting spawn killed for 15 minutes make me a better player? Think about it, base abuse amounts to about as much as spawn killing and spawn tagging. Which is why I think we find is so annoying... it's unsportsmanlike. I've never tried voting in-game but it seems like it would be way to easy to use all the time. Let me rephrase that, I'm sure several people would abuse that fuctionality. It's a nice idea but I just don't see it beign practical... but wtf do I know? (And why do I love this smiley so much?)
  5. My mistake, after reading a little closer it's: ofmg! He's comming right for us!
  6. A few other good ones: REM, The Clash, Pearl Jam, Audioslave, Bill Haley & the Comets. Interesting Elvis hasn't show up yet. Slng, Rap/HipHop can be great if you listen to the right stuff. The Roots - Tipping Point is very good, Atmosphere - Seven's Travels is good if not a little rough. I don't claim to be an expert, but there is talent to be had in the genre. <Withholding cutting remarks about two pop stars favored by a certain someone in the forum>
  7. I'm curious to know what you all think about the next generation of consoles since they've just been announced. Do y'all even care? XBox 360 Playstation 3 Nintendo Revolution It's still a bit early. I haven't even seen a pic of the Revolution's controller, and there isn't much info on games just yet. However, watching some of the XBox info videos it looks like Microsoft is going to nail the online component of gaming (except for the UnityHQ forum of course). I like my PS2 very much, but assuming the XBox 360 is $300 or less at launch I think I'll be snapping one up. Plus the PS3 boomerang controller looks just silly. Your thoughts?
  8. I was raised conservative but now I float in the middle as an independent. Conservative views: Smaller Federal Government, more power to state and local government. The tax code needs to be reformed. Liberal views: Maybe socialized medicine isn't so bad. ( I realize Knix just had a heart attack ) Pro-gay marriage Pro-Choice Libertarian view: I understand the context of the 2nd amendment (right to bear arms) and support it. Thanks to busted tees
  9. Bravo Knix for being more aware of your own actions. As far as etiquette goes, in DM I usually try to let someone get off 3 or 4 shots with the handgun before I attack. I figure if they can double tap my head with the 9mm, they've earned those points. If they're new people I'll let them empty the whole clip. I might even *gasp* not shoot them if they're new and cool. But that's me in DM, I play for fun instead of points. On the other side of this thread, I've been thinking about "the problem". It occurred to me, when the abusers drop the last piece of the paperweight in their base, why not switch teams, pick it up and place it to end the game. Switch back to your team next map. (Excuse me if this was already mentioned, I don't remember) Ethically I think it's a little grey. I mean, if you start doing that, why not switch sides, grab a piece, drag it to the enemy base, switch back and place it? Call it Double Agent tactics. My question to the group: Is going Double Agent to end base abuse a slippery slope to Double Agent piece stealing? Is it ethically wrong in some other way?
  10. After being base abused 3 times in the last 48 hours, that's it - I quit. If you need me, I'll be in DM... or working on a map that limits base abuse.
  11. Sorry about that, I should've addressed the question. XBow - As you can see from the link I posted earlier The site that shall not be named/TGF are not doing NOLF2 anymore. They banned most of the NOLF2 people and pulled the NOLF2 downloads, replacing them with a pointer to the image you see now. That's why the downloads there aren't working. <off topic> I agree with e1 and gen, it's in the past. UHQ-dl will be up and running soon enough. </off topic> <even more off topic> gotta try to stay more on topic It's just that Hawaiian Ninja Pirates love to let conversations drift. </even more off topic>
  12. Not sure of etiquette on this one, but this slice of TGF should answer your question XBow: TGF forum Eh, I like UnityHQ better anyway.
  13. Well I'm sure HL2 has a master server cluster geographically spread out over a couple continents backed up by... you get the idea. The NOLF2 master server is probably a P2-300 sitting on top of one of the HL2 master server racks. Don't laugh, we've done it at work. All in jest. I'm not getting down on Sierra mind you. Consider this: they fixed the master server on a game they probably don't make money on anymore, in 48 hours. Not too bad in my book. I'm sure NOLF2 isn't a big priority for them... Unless they're planning a NOLF3 and want the community to stick around... hmmm.
  14. Hey! What is this? j/k I play DM a lot and I don't... completely.. absolutely ... bottom of the barrel... last picked to be on the team... suck at DD. Do I? The biggest problem I've had swinging over to DD is the lack of maps. We do Oceanic and then bam! we're back again. It gets pretty tedious after awhile. May be I'm a heretic, but don't you all get sick of the same few maps over and over and over? Just asking. I must admit, I think I took part in base abuse recently, I still feel dirty. Shooting fish in a barrel is not fun for the fish. I would kill for some tasty TDM rounds but no one is ever there.. sort of self fufilling I suppose.
  15. Strange I've been putting it on my new system builds, haven't had trouble with it... Except for that new laptop I just built that can't seem to get to Outlook Web Access trough IE... omFg! Guess I've got some testing to do Monday. Sominabich! Thaaaaank you unityhq.